Happy Chocolate covered Rabbit weekend

The plan this morning was to go for a bike ride with my friend John, however, I spent the entire night without sleep due to not feeling so hot. Between heartburn all night, and just getting sick every few hours, it was not a fun night. Given that this weekend is an Official holiday for eating chocolate rabbits and painting eggs I will be back on my bike with Annika by Monday. We may ride some Saturday or maybe even this afternoon, right now I’m not gonna make any plans until I feel a bit better and have rested.

This weekend is another Hallmark holiday created to celebrate the rise of sales in candy, eggs, and baskets? It’s a hypocrites reason to spend money and have faith in flying blue unicorns.

Happy! | Comic book | Grant Morrison | TV Series
Happy! | Comic book | Grant Morrison | TV Series

The upside to this holiday is that season 2 of Happy! in on Syfy channel.

Okay so back to today.

I’ve got some things that I need to get done around our place and since I’m not feeling well the plan is for me to rest and then get those things done afterward. This weekend Annika and I will be getting together with family for dinner and some family time, we will also be doing some PC Gaming. If things go well this weekend, we may even celebrate chocolate rabbit day by eating some Peeps and/or some Reeses Chocolate & Peanut Butter Eggs.

It’s time to enjoy some coffee and take some meds before hopefully a little sleep. Have an epic adventure day and thanks so much for the support.

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  1. Enjoy! 🙂 I got out early with the plan to do 50-60km and ended up clocking 110km and a couple of good hills by the time I got back home. Great start to the long weekend. Then I totally ate a whole bunch of chocolate eggs!

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