Gotta fix Annika’s flat tire and do some fixing up today

My road shoes are about worn out to the max, as you can see by the featured image on this blog post. Yesterday I had many things to get done around our place, one of which was to clean out our cabinets and fridge so that we could restock everything. When we got our place back to ourselves our house was over cluttered with more food than we could eat and a ton of things we bought only for the temporary guests. Once our house cleared out Annika and I decided to not get anything from the grocery store unless it was absolutely needed so that we didn’t waste anything. Yesterday afternoon we finally went to Costco to stock back up.


Before we did our Costco run, I cleaned out our fridge and cabinets; throwing a lot of things out. We can finally only have in our home the foods we like and we can cut out the ton of extra spending we were doing. After everything we cleaned out I spent some time with our dog, she ate more than she has been lately and this morning she is still very perky and ready for her breakfast. So now that we’re all stocked up we will be back to shopping once a month versus 3 to 4 times a month which happen from January till the end of March. Each day our home is finally becoming how it was and that makes life so much nicer.

Time for some new road shoes | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika
Time for some new road shoes | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika

So on the bike repairs and gear concerns. The other day when Annika and I rode our bikes to Glendale she got a thorn in her tire. We didn’t notice that she got a flat tire until two days later. The thorn was huge and the air slowly leaked out until it was sitting on the rim. I’m gonna fix her tire this morning after I take care of some other things around our home. I’m making the best of things and staying busy even though I still feel icky from yesterday, and huge thanks to the few people who touched based to wish me well. We do plan to be on our bikes again by Monday, also on that day our dog goes for another arthritis shot and some oxygen therapy. Now about my cycling shoes. I put them on the other morning and when I was putting on the second shoe I started to slip. Pieces on the bottom of my shoe were coming off, honestly, I’ve never liked my Giant cycling shoes. I ordered them to match my bike and when they arrived they were yellow and not lime. The size is slightly off a bit and from the first day I put them on tire marks ended up on my shoes and they won’t come off. I do plan to get some new Pearl iZUMi cycling shoes over the next few weeks if funds are available.

Well, I’m gonna cut this short for today since it is a Rabbit Holiday and I’m craving chocolate. Hope everyone has an awesome Easter, besides it’s a family day. Huge thanks to our followers here on our website and the few Patreon supporters. We’re up to 191 followers here on our website and it means a lot to us, hugs! Have an epic adventure today and we hope that you find all the eggs in your backyard before they spoil lol; jokes.

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  1. Thorns are the deadly enemy of the cyclist. Fortunately, long gone are the days when it used to take two long tyre levers and a lot of effort to get at the tube!

      1. That surprises me – I thought all modern MB tyres were now capable of being taken off or replaced with, virtually, a flick of the wrist!

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