Our dog is very perky today

This morning has been all about time with our dog before she went in for another arthritis shot. She spent the morning relaxing however not eating. She has been loveable and more with it than usual. We took her into her vet for her arthritis shot and she calmed down real quick from her anxiety when she goes to the vet.

After her visit with her vet, we took her to PetSmart so that she could pick out a new toy. This is her time to enjoy a walk indoors to see other animals as well as to pick up a new toy that she doesn’t have. This trip she picked out the elephant and she was ready to roll out the minute she grabbed it, she never wants to wait while we pay for it. The cashier gave her a kiss and we headed for the car. Our dog jumped in the backseat and went nuts on her new toy all the way home. We’re still trying to get her to eat for the day and she has started gaining her weight back which is good news. A few more days and we take her for oxygen therapy again and then afterward probably another toy run at Petsmart to cheer her up lol. Whelp, it’s time to spend some time with her and Annika while we relax this day away.

Our dog debating eating her food | MattyAndAnnika
Our dog debating eating her food | MattyAndAnnika

Alright gang, thanks so much for the support following our blog and huge thanks to our Patreon Supporters. Our dogs’ health is one day at a time and hope for the best situation. It doesn’t matter if we go broke with all of the treatments as long as our dog is healthy and happy. Hugs and have an epic adventure day and by the way; happy chocolate rabbit weekend.

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