Planning to do a long distance ride next Saturday

Okay, so I’m planning to start doing 100+ mile rides on Saturdays. This day is perfect for me since I don’t typically ride with others on Saturdays and if I ride too far my wife can easily drive out and pick me up. Saturday’s will not be the only day that I ride more than 100 miles as I used to do over 100 miles every ride. Saturday is my bike adventure travel day that I have all to myself. On any given Saturday my wife is at work for 12 hours and she can track me on my Spot Gen 3 all day long to know that I’m safe. As long as our dog is doing good then this is the perfect day for long distances for me to plan.

The video above is when I started riding a road bike, long distance was right off the bat my favorite thing to do on bikes. I’ve done that same bike ride on my mountain bike and it was painful but fun. Here is another time that I rode that trip on my road bike (Icarus).

Check out this attempt to ride the BeeLine Highway again that ended up with me walking 5 miles back to be picked up by Annika due to a flat tire.

On the video below I rode my bike to Tonto Basin and had 4 flat tires in a quarter mile. This trip costs me 9 tubes and 2 tires but it was an epic journey.

At this moment I am dealing with an ingrown toenail which is kicking my butt to even wear socks, once I can get it dug out and it heals I’ll be ready to ride; preferably on Monday. Saturday I’m not sure where I am riding, but I do know it will be far, at least 100 miles. It’s time to start building up my legs during the week and doing a big ride every Saturday. For those of you who would like to help support my crazy adventures consider becoming a Patreon Supporter or pitching in on Ko-Fi. I am in need of new shows and I know I will wear out some tires really quick, lol. Thanks for the support and have an epic adventure day.


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