2 Chocolate Bunnies and a full belly

If you’re reading this then you should know that the chance of finding chocolate bunnies are getting less and less as the next few days go by. The holiday celebrating decorative eggs and eating a bunch of chocolate bunnies to increase sells has come to an end and I’m sure the shelves are being lined with items for the next profit; now back to work until then. Well, maybe back to riding bikes; haha. Okay so to the real point, this morning Annika and I are going out for a nice bike ride together. This ride will be between 15-40 miles, either way, we’re going for some adventure and discovery.

Our family time during the bunny holiday was awesome and given all of the food on the table and the baskets for the kids, I’m sure big companies made a nice bank this year. We had a wonderful time, we even met cousins of Annika’s that she hadn’t met before. We all talked about our similar interest with the whole family as we all love hiking. One of the family members there is in a hiking club and has done the Arizona Trail a few times. Annika and I had tons to chat about when it comes to bikes and hiking. We pulled out one of our bags to show the gear and yes we carry enough gear for a few days if ever an emergency.

I’m excited to bike this morning with Annika. If I could ride as often as I’m thinking about it then I’d ride a few thousand miles a day, haha. So I’ve been looking over some new cycling shoes and I’ve decided to go with PEARL iZUMi, and honestly, I think that PEARL iZUMi will be the brand for most of our stuff. I love the new shorts much better than any of the 8 other brands in my bike clothing closet. The new gloves are by all means excellent and fair priced. Annika and I have been discussing brands for some time as to what companies we want to be wearing and so far that’s gonna be PEARL iZUMi and ShowersPass. Those brands will cover all of our clothing needs for all biking, hiking, and more. So far when it comes to bike brands we love Surly, Salsa, Trek, and Giant.

Dang it, I started rambling; haha. So back to my point. We are looking forward to riding this morning. Our dog is acting a lot better and she is eating fairly better than she has been. Wednesday I will commence riding all the time or as often as possible so that I can get my legs built back up. Tuesday we do have some errands however if there is time, we may do another bike ride together. Hopefully, it won’t be long and I will be back to riding 400+ miles a week with hopes to get to 600 miles per week. This year so far has had a lot of things getting in the way but we are not gonna let it ruin anything for us.

Oh, the featured image is my favorite spot that I’ve ridden to. That is on the BeeLine highway not far from where a tarantula crawled fast than I could pedal due to 20-30 mph headwinds and not far from where the wind blew me off of my bike; that was an epic bike ride.

Okay, so it’s that time. Coffee time. Thanks so much for the support from all of our followers here and our Patreon Supporters. Oh and something important when it comes to followers on WordPress. Since April 4th, I’ve been having to re-follow some of the blogs that I daily read. WordPress is fully aware of this bug and they have been working on it for some time however they don’t feel it’s something that they should promote so that no one worries. Point of me letting you know this is. If we were following you and suddenly do not and you notice it before us, please let us know so that we may reconnect to you. WordPress is doing all they can to find a solution for this issue as I’ve been talking to them every 2 to 3 days since it started. Just want all of you that we follow know that we do care and actively watch for your next posts daily. Hugs and thanks again to you all. Have an epic adventure day everyone.


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