We got a short ride, let’s see if we can get another

So yesterday we did get a short ride in on our bikes however it was under 4 miles; it was still fun. We miscalculated our time in the early morning and slept in a little. We went to Bike Barn to get a new tube for Annika’s tire as a backup and then the car wash and then to get our dog a new prescription food. While we were picking up our dog’s new food we saw a very pretty cat and decided to play with it and considered adopting it. Once we played with the cat we were gonna leave and decided while we there let look at the puppies and dogs that were rescued. After playing with a few cats and dogs we made it home to try the new food with our dog, she loved it!

We stayed in a little bit to monitor our dogs’ behavior with the new food as she kept running to her bowl to grab food and then she would carry it to the carpet to eat it. With her back and forth method she was not only eating better but she was exercising all at the same time, lol. From time to time her asthma would act up so we would have to help calm her till she got full and decided it was time to relax again. Once our dog had stopped munching and was fine we got on our bikes to test how her tire was and to just get a couple miles in since it was getting warmer outside and the traffic was a mess. We rode almost 4 miles around town just relaxing and enjoying the view.

This morning we have a bit of a schedule filled with things to do however we are gonna head out for a bike ride before we go to do it all. Our dog has another appointment this morning for some fluid injections and a quick checkup to see how she is doing so far. When we return from the vet we have a few other things to take care of before we have to get ready for an early time to get to sleep. Wednesday morning we wake at 1am and we get the day started before I go for a long distance bike ride, woohoo. The Wednesday bike ride will be at least 60 miles and no less.

Alright, it’s that time again, coffee; woohoo! Huge thanks and hugs to all of our followers here on our website and to our Patreon Supporters. Have an epic adventure day and we will be looking forward to sharing how things went with you again tomorrow.

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