A nice chill bike ride yesterday and now to ride 60+ miles

Yesterday was a great day and our dog is doing much better as time goes by. We took our dog to the vet before our bike ride since she was so perky when she woke. She is back to being playful and eating great 2 days in a row now. She got her arthritis shot and her vet said to continue what we’re doing that things are looking up. After we took our dog back home Annika and I took our bikes out for a quick ride. I believe we did around 13-14 miles, something like that; check out our Strava for info. The ride was chill and relaxing for us both and we had a blast. When we returned we ran some errands to come back and prepare for an early night to bed so we can get to work this morning.

Now we’re back on our normal schedule, 1am wake up, work, clean, tend to dog, ride bikes; epic happiness. Ater things are done around here I’m grabbing my road bike and heading out for at least 60 miles. This mornings bike ride is dedicated to my awesome wife and our dog for bringing me so much happiness in life. I’m not sure which way I’m going yet but I do know that I’m aiming for climbing a bit and some speed. I do have a tendon in my ankle that is slightly pulled so I figure if I put a little more strain on it that maybe it will get the knot out of it, haha.

I’m so excited to be able to ride further and further again from Wednesday to Saturdays’. I plan to work my legs back to be able to cover 500-600 miles between those days each week and the other days will be relaxing rides for recovery and to work with my wife on her goals. We’re excited that finally, things are starting to level out around here. We were literally about to lose our minds with all of the stress that kept getting added to every day.

This week of riding I’m still debating the various areas to ride to and I know that if I make a plan to go to a specific area that I’ll simply get on my bike and pedal an entirely different direction. Over the next few weeks, I will be riding my bike to Tucson, Payson, Coolidge, Goodyear and many other areas of interest. I may even stop into Tombstone and grab a postcard while I’m there, besides I haven’t visited there at all yet. Before Christmas I’d love to be able to ride to Sedona and possibly Jerome, I do know that would take a bit of planning first.

Alright, time to drink the coffee, get everything done and get on my bike. Thanks so much for the support by following our blog and thank you to our Patreon Supporters. Have an epic adventure day today and we will post again tomorrow.

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  1. Riding a bike is a great stress beater. Nothing ever feels quite so bad after a tiring bike ride – but don’t overdo it!

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