What an epic 57-mile bike ride yesterday

So I was aiming for riding 60 miles on my bike yesterday however 57 miles was perfect. I had the route planned out in my head and I miscalculated it just a little, I did, however, get to ride on the BeeLine Highway after climbing through Fountain Hills.


The ride was a blast and yes I got tired and worn out by the time I got back to McDowell from the BeeLine Highway. So many hills to climb in Fountain Hills and after so long of not riding like I used to, I am feeling it now. I started the bike ride at 4:17am, the temperature was perfect and the roads were clear. Riding in the dark is so much more relaxing.

When I returned from the Fountain Hills area and got into Scottsdale, I started riding towards North Scottsdale on the Pima path so that I could wrap around into Old Town. Usually doing the loop I would’ve had more miles than I did on this trip. When I noticed the mileage difference I decided to take a quick loop over into Arcadia by crossing Indian School Rd with the help of use Oak Street to 56th to avoid traffic. When I crossed over Indian School and turned onto Lafayette I followed it down until the road closed area where they are working on the bridge, the miles still didn’t add up to what the usual ride would be. None of this made since it was is if the GPS wasn’t catching everything, either way, I was ready to go home. I don’t like riding near our home cause when I’m near my home it feels like the ride is over and it is time to stop so I tend to ride out further areas and only head towards Old Town when I’m about to finish up.

2019-04-24 Bike ride on Strava | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika
2019-04-24 Bike ride on Strava | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika

I had our GoPro on during a lot of the ride so we have a video going up on our YouTube channel as soon as it uploads. Now let’s touch base on some other items.

Here is the video from the ride.

Update on our Dog

She is cheerful and hungry | Our awesome dog | MattyAndAnnika
She is cheerful and hungry | Our awesome dog | MattyAndAnnika

Most importantly our dog for the last 3 days has made an amazing change in her health and how she has been acting. She started eating her prescription kibble and it’s all she wants to eat. She has been very perky, playful and alert, and as loveable as she has always been. We’re so excited and hope that things stay like they and start to improve more. Huge hugs to all of the people who have reached out about her. We will always keep the blog up to date as to how she is doing and we thank you all very much.

A New Logo for Us

Oh yes! So we’ve had an idea for a new logo for some time now and we had an idea as to who we wanted to do it so we reached out to her. Some time back we had posted an article about the family we follow and watch on YouTube, “MyLittelHomeStead“. We watch their videos every week and when we do have the time we even check out each of their Twitch Channels too. Below is their latest YouTube video, be sure to check them out when you have the time.

Now, who are we chatting with about creating us an epic new logo? The answer is Bree. We reached out to her on Twitter and are chatting out some ideas and so far all looks to be going great. We’re really excited to have her doing it for us as she is an amazing artist, in fact, her entire family is extremely creative. More details on the new logo as we have more, right now just go check out their videos.

Let’s get today started

Today’s plan is simple but first I have to drink my cup of coffee. My legs are very sore from yesterdays bike ride so today I plan to rest them and do some stretches. The best plan of attack is for me to start remembering that this is the last season of Game of Thrones while the upside is, Season 2 of Happy is epic; this will help me get through the pain. The next ride I’m not sure which direction I’m going but I’d love to do a flat ride since Saturday will be a 100-mile ride. Yesterday doing Fountain Hills wore my legs out already. I’ve loaded my bags with munchies, got 2 bottles of water in my new CamelBak Podium bottles. All 3 solar bars are charged and my lights have been recharged up, time to get ready for the morning fun time.

It’s that time, coffee and head out for a ride. You all have been epic and we can’t thank you all enough. We’re at 196 followers here on our WordPress site, thank you so much. Hugs and loves to all of our followers and Patreon Supporters. We hope that you all have an epic adventure day.

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  1. My husband & I pulled our bikes out and took our grandson riding when we were at the beach. Fun!!! Furthest was 6 miles, but it was an adventure. Can’t wait to hear about your 100 miles on Saturday!!! And yes, first coffee. Coffee is always the perfect beginning 🙌🏼 Have an epic day

  2. Epic ride! Good news about the pup. I am so excited about Sunday’s battle episode on GOT ~ major characters are sure to get knocked off. 😱

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