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So I’m a bit bummed this morning. First off, the other day I had an epic bike ride and at the end of the ride I started getting really sore, all was fine but I just started feeling off. Ever since I got the Specialized Power Arc Pro Saddle I’ve not been able to sit in the saddle long for bike rides; that saddle totally sucks. Any ride over 30 miles and my butt hurts big time. I’ve checked the fitting of my bike and even have all of the tools to fit my bike for myself. I honestly don’t think I’ve found anything with the brand name Specialized that was actually better than any standard Wal-Mart product. For example, I put my bike up against a Specialized Roubaix that had a 3500.00 price tag and it was like a Huffy compared to a Porche. My bike is a Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1, it weighs 17 pounds when it doesn’t have my bags on it. My bike has carbon rims, Ultegra 6800 and when new the price tag was 3999. The Roubaix was much heavier, bulky and the bikes themselves are build with old outdated tech, either way, let’s get back to the saddle problem. Now I’m not saying that Specialized is a bad product, I’m simply saying I’ve not found one to stand up to the name.

So why was I hurting from the almost 60 mile ride the other day? I thought it was a pimple and it turned out to be a saddle sore. Thankfully it popped up before Saturday’s bike ride so that I can get it cleared up before I sit in my saddle that long. Today I need to get rid of the saddle sore as quickly as possible and I need to also change the saddle on my bike. My original saddle I rode an average of 120 miles each ride and not once did my butt hurt, I’m ordering another one of those. So to get rid of the saddle sore brought on a whole new issue.

Are there any cycling websites online that actually have content other than regurgitating the same old stories without having answers? Are there any cycling websites that have any content without being so covered in advertising and popups that you can actually stay on the website long enough to read anything? The answer to those questions are, I can’t find any.

  • – so many ads their website hardly loads.

All of the listed sites have the same articles when it comes to almost anything you search on cycling. All of those sites have so many ads that if you didn’t have a popup blocker you’d never be able to get to the website itself. Cluttered with advertising and filled with regurgitated bullshit content leaving the reader with the same unanswered questions by the time they finished the article that they came to read, to begin with.

What did I learn by going to each of those websites? The answer is to never visit them again. These sites are nothing but clickbait which most of the internet is slowly becoming where every site repeats what the next does. It’s like trying to find an original Instagrammer, it isn’t gonna happen. Take 1 million Instagram accounts and put them side by side and they look identical. No one seems to want to be an original, total bummer.

Matty's Road Bike | Specialized Power Arc Pro Saddle | MattyAndAnnika
Matty’s Road Bike | Specialized Power Arc Pro Saddle | MattyAndAnnika

How to actually get rid of Saddle Sores?

  • Clean them, medicate them, rest.

Now wasn’t that a simple enough answer?

How to prevent Saddle Sores?

  • Don’t ride a bike

Yup, that’s the simplest answer to that too. But really, to prevent saddle sores when riding long hours in the saddle.

  • Don’t be fulled by supposed top name brand saddles.
  • Find a saddle that fits you, not one name brand or saddle will do the trick for everyone. Sheep shopping doesn’t work.
  • Make sure your shorts fit properly, I really laughed at this answer.
  • Use cream.

So the moral of this post is this. Don’t trust in a name brand, especially if it’s the go-to name brand. Stay away from websites that regurgitate the same old shit. Use a popup blocker and if you have a website, don’t use ads or use fewer ads. Be original with your content and stop copying the way everyone else does things. And last but not least, don’t take selfies. People standing in front of a mirror taking pictures of themselves look like idiots, haha.

Today’s Update and Plan

Yesterday was a relax and get some work done day. I managed to figure out how to make two videos for our YouTube Channel.

Then, of course, Annika made this video that we released yesterday.

I spent some time supporting other bloggers on WordPress, did a good bit of reading as I do each day. I had some time to chat with our friend Huskki. Spent some time chilling with our dog which is still doing better, and ended our day with our veggie burgers for dinner.

This mornings plan was to go for a short ride before tomorrows 100-mile ride however the saddle sore changed that plan. Now today the plan is to try and get rid of this saddle sore as best and fast as I can, change my saddle on my road bike to a better solution and get some stuff done around here for work. So far out of 3 saddles, I keep going back to the original which I’ve got over 5k miles on. I may even play some Overwatch later after some stretches and an upper body workout in our gym.

Alright gang, Coffee time; woohoo! Thanks so much for the support and I hope you enjoyed this mornings post. We will be back tomorrow with more before tomorrow mornings long bike ride. Have an epic adventure day and thanks so much to our website followers and Patreon Supporters.

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  1. Finding the right saddle from scratch is a quest worthy of Don Quixote! I’ve tried a few and have been lucky(?) enough that they have all been in the ‘OK’ range of comfort but nothing that has blown me away. My Synapse came with a Fabric Scoop shallow – this seemed like a low end choice for a bike that cost UK£2,700 but, in all fairness, it’s not bad at all – it#s light and pretty comfortable. I”m guessing that absolute comfort is going to be a struggle for those us carrying around a few more pounds – just extra pressure on the contact points – but I live in hope!

  2. I have learned over the years that saddles are definitely dependent on the rider’s specific body and what works for one person can absolutely not work at all for another. The trick is to keep trying until you get the one that works, and once you do, do not deviate. My specialized saddles are the best I’ve ever found for me. I have three and all three are different but work beautifully. For me. Including 520 miles over 7 days in over 100F heat. I also have a terry saddle that I hate, but terry saddles are what my husband swears by. I have also done many miles on a brooks saddle which worked great for a couple years until it didn’t. And when it didn’t, there was no fixing it. So I stick with my specialized now and call it good. Sorry to hear about the saddle sore, heal up fast!

    1. yup you said it right. some of my friends swear by the Specialized saddle i have and yes I know it works for them but doesnt for me. It’s certainly a hit or miss thing until ya get it. So far the best Road bike saddle Ive had is the Giant Contact SLR Forward. Ive even tried Fi’zik and not had any luck, all hurt bum in less than 30 miles. thanks my friend Im aiming to get rid of this sore before morning; fingers crossed. have an epic day

  3. It’s hard to find a decent cycling website these days. The commercial ones all need to turn a profit and that means advertising and articles that draw people in, even if that is the same old repeated drivel. Print magazines are even worse as they’re at least half advertising and the other half “reviews” which are just more advertising! I don’t really click to many cycling sites any more, shame really.

    My favourite saddle cost me £10 on special from Planet X. I bought it because I needed a cheap saddle for another bike, but it’s become the perfect saddle on my racer. Maybe I have a cheap ass? Hehe!

    1. lol cheap ass, haha. agreed my friend about the cycling sites, its rare that i visit one due to all of the ads. as for saddle so far my favorite was the factory giant connect slr that came on it

  4. Interesting article about the cycling websites. The adverts are ruining them. Have a look at my advert free race reports, I might start a regular report.

  5. Saddles – I’ve always used San Marco until switching to Fizik in recent years. They are saddle makers rather than a world domination brand. I agree with your comments on Spesh generally. They market well but there are better bikes out there.

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