I didn’t quite reach 100 miles – I did 75 and a ton of climbing

Okay, so I didn’t make it to 100 miles for many reasons. The biggest reason is that I spent 7 hours on my bike and my ass hurt lol. When I left out for my bike ride I decided that I wanted to visit Carefree Arizona and hopefully Cave Creek as well. As you see in the city sign the distance to each city, I thought it said 45 more miles to Cave Creek so I didn’t want to attempt that yet. The sign actually says 4.5 miles to Cave Creek, I was so bummed when I got home and blew the picture up big enough for me to see it. It’s all good I had a wonderful time doing this bike ride.

I got on my bike at 4:15am MST and hit the road headed towards Fountain Hills in which I had decided to go to that area and then start my Google Maps for directions to Carefree. In doing the route that way I got a little climb in thinking that there wasn’t much climbing to get to Carefree, I was wrong; so very wrong. Going to Carefree was nothing but a huge climb and it was a struggle and a blast all at the same time. Being out so early in that area I saw many critters including several snakes dead and alive. The first thing that caught my attention as I had my headlight on and I saw what looked like a pack of pigs walking across the street a little bit in front of me. It wasn’t pigs, It was 6 Javelina’s walking across the street to get water from a housing complex.

I saw 6 Javelina's when I was out riding my bike | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika
I saw 6 Javelina’s when I was out riding my bike | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika

I had to brighten the photo so that they could be seen since it was still dark. I think they were a family as they had little two little ones and they were a range of sizes. So after I took a video of them I rode up a little way and my wife (Annika) texted to check on me; I pulled over to talk with her. After I hung up I started to put my foot into my pedal and my back tire, of course, makes a nice rattle, then I got a response from a rattlesnake in the bush beside me. I was so close that I didn’t want to risk stopping my movement.

Not too much further from that spot another rattlesnake was inching his/her way across a sand area towards a bush. I kept pedaling and went on about my way. About an hour later I was turning off of Bell road onto 98th street and a coyote crossed the street. I stopped and started filming with my GoPro, sadly the GoPro wasn’t filming but I do get some footage of me trying to find it after I got the GoPro to actually start. During the rest of my travels toward Carefree, I saw a black snake with white rings approximately 6 foot long in the sandy wash area. I saw another rattlesnake in another when I was passing Happy Valley Road, and I saw and caught on film several dead baby snakes ranging from about a foot long to 1.5 foot along with several dead rabbit and mice here and there along the route. It was a critter day, to say the least.

It was a long climb to get to Carefree and a fast ride out. I did do a bit of riding in Fountain Hills as well but with the hours in the saddle, I was starting to get really sore and had run out of water. I was doing the math on the way home and when I got closer to Old Town Scottsdale I was gonna gets some water and a snack from Sonic and then head over to Phoenix to see Dave at the Bike Barn however after I stopped for a snack and to get hydrated my body started shutting down.

My bike parked inside Sonic
My bike parked inside Sonic

I stopped at our local Sonic where the staff there and the manager are extremely nice to us. They saw I was hot and tired and told me to stay inside and to park my bike beside me against the wall and it would be fine. I ordered two large ice cups of water for my water bottles to be full again, a large ice Coke and some tater tots; woohoo.

My snack at Sonic
My snack at Sonic

After I had my quick snack which was my first stop in almost 7 hours, I got my stuff loaded up and was gonna ride to Bike Barn. When I got on my bike my rear was sore, I could hardly pedal the rest of the way back home but I did make it.

When I made it home our neighbors had gotten us a huge bag of veggies as they do for us every now and then, so sweet of them; it’s a friendly neighbor thing. I was greeted at the door with kisses by my very perky dog. The ride and the day were completely epic. Now I did get a bit of video from the ride and will be posting up some on our YouTube Channel as soon as I get the chance. When it got dark, Annika and I went to hang out with some friends and had dinner.

Here is the Strava info from the Ride to Carefree.

2019-04-27-bike ride to Carefree
2019-04-27 Matty road his bike to Carefree and back

What’s the plan today?

We’re gonna play today by ear, this week is gonna be very busy for us and I do plan to ride a lot. We may not ride our bikes this morning or Monday, I will be riding my bike Tuesday through Saturday and Saturday will be a big ride day to visit another new place. Our dog goes into the vet on Monday, we will keep you posted each day on her. So yup, a busy week.

It’s that time, caffeine and gets this day going. Huge thanks to everyone for following our website, we’re up to 199 followers; you all rock! Huge thanks to our current Patreon Supporters, you can see them listed on our Sponsors page. Have an epic adventure day and thanks so much for being a part of our lives.

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    1. πŸ™‚ i live in arizona it’s the season they are out everywhere. anywhere that doesnt have a lot of housing or activity there is snakes right now. πŸ™‚ i am getting snake kit to keep with me in case im bit but the first snake was on a major street beside of a housing complex

  1. I have always wanted to live in the southwest someday. But then I did a little bit of mountain biking in the Santa Fe area. Decided the number of snakes wasn’t really going to work for me after all!

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