Going on another bike ride, woohoo

Happy Tuesday everyone! It’s that time again, I’m going for a nice bike ride. A few things I wanted to mention right off the bat.

I’ve signed up to ride for kids with cancer, I also plan to continue doing this for as long as the site exists. To check out my URL click hereor click on the image below.


Now aside from that, I am riding my bike today however I don’t have a plan. The goal today is to simply ride and enjoy it while I keep building my muscles back up. I do now have 2 saddle sores, what a pain in the butt; lol. This year has been rough getting started but I’m back on it as best as I can.

Up and coming I am in need of bike repairs and some new shoes; I also need to change my cleats out. I have new tires that need to be installed however they are going to also be doing some wheel truing and a few other tweaks to the wheels in the process. Icarus also needs another derailer adjustment and a new cable installed for the front derailer; might as well do them both to be safe.

On other notes, we did release a new video on our YouTube Channel.

The rest of the week will be focused on tending to our dog, helping get client projects done, and of course, riding my bike a few hours a day.

Gotta cut this short for now as I have a lot of work going on with clients before I head out. I’m looking forward to seeing some places that I haven’t been to before. Thanks so much for the support and we wish you an epic adventure day.


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