I didn’t get to ride yesterday however I am hoping to this morning

Yesterday morning I was planning to head out on a bike ride. I had finished up the morning article here for the website and then my dog sort of started acting strange. All of a sudden she was wide awake and very perky. She was patting on my leg and every few minutes staring at me as if she wanted something. No matter what I did for her that wasn’t what she wanted. I could hear her bellow growling from across the room and I know she is hungry, extremely picky and it’s been really difficult to get her to eat.

Our dog continued to do this for a bit so I started streaming on our Twitch channel as a way to pass the time while I kept an eye on her. I cooked her some of her homemade meal, gave her prescription kibble, ice in her water bowl; you name it nothing seemed to satisfy her. After about an hour of her doing this, she finally let me know that she was ready to go outside. I tried taking her 4 times prior and she just wouldn’t budge, every time I got her outside the door she walked right back to our house. After getting her to go outside finally, she did her thing and pranced back home to kick back on the couch and went to sleep. I ended up staying in to keep a close eye on her as she wasn’t seeming to know where she was but she was still perky.

Our Twitch Channel?

Yes to those of you that weren’t aware, we have a Twitch Channel and from time to time we use to actively stream with a full-time schedule. It got old very fast as the Twitch community is a very toxic environment. We slowed down streaming gameplay and I started streaming more indoor cycling on Zwift. Now Annika and I do love to play our games, “World of Warcraft” is our #1 game to play together and “The last of Us” is my all time favorite game ever made. We also from time to time play some Overwatch, however that game is so filled with cheaters and toxic human beings it’s literally difficult to play longer than an hour or two a month. Either way, we do long to play our games, we get sidetracked some times with all of the things we do and sometimes we have to stop and take a breath so we game.

Does this mean we will be Streaming on Twitch again?

Maybe. I do think that maybe from time to time or maybe once or twice a week that we should do some Twitch time with our supporters. We’ve never looked at Twitch as a real outlet to reach good people or to use to grow a following, we always used it for fun and when it wasn’t fun we shut it off. We are debating doing a stream or two a week as a way to thank our supporters and a way to find others like ourselves. It can be sort of our Podcast but with gameplay and some Zwift rides.

Over the years of using Twitch, we’ve met an extremely small handful of good people, all of which we still spend time with to this day. It was fun gaming with them, chatting with them on live stream; basically spending time with them was awesome. That was the reason we streamed. Our channel was to simply enjoy life as we all made jokes about the idiocy of social media; it was epic. If we decide to do this then it will be a random live stream for a while, so if you like what we do and want to take part then make sure to keep up with live updates.

This mornings bike ride

Okay, so this morning I’m going for a fairly long bike ride. Not sure where to, but at least 60 miles is the goal. I can certainly use some pedal time and I’d love to put some miles on the Charity that I’m riding for as well. If you didn’t catch yesterdays article, I’m now riding year-round to help raise funds for kids with cancer. This starts in June however to me it will be live forever. This gives me a way of giving my hard work pedaling to people who can use the help. I’ll pedal all the time if it will help with this cause.


So this morning I’m just riding, I do aim to visit a new city which would be a big bonus. I love to climb so I may go north for some big hills, not sure yet. I would like to Thank the 2 people who have donated so far to the Charity. Hugs and loves to Randy Angle and the Anonymous donator from yesterday; these two people are epic!

Did you know we had a community?

Oh yeah, we have a Discord community. It’s small but the few people in it are awesome. All are welcome however we do purge inactive members as well as anyone who disrupts the community in a negative way. If you’d like to join our Discord the click here.

We’ve reached 200 followers

Hugs to all of our epic followers here on our website! We’ve gone over 200 followers and we wanted to say THANK YOU! We’re honored that you’ve taken the time to follow along in our nutty life and hope that you’re forever chilling with us.

To our followers and our Patreon Supporters, we cannot thank you enough which is why in every article we make it a point at the end to say thanks. Without you all, we wouldn’t be able to do some of the things we do and we’re very thankful. We hope you have an epic adventure day as it is time for us to start ours.

It’s time to finish coffee time and to get my butt out the door on the bike. Woohoo, be back soon and again THANKS!


Quick update on our dog. Yesterday she was seeming off but happy, as of this moment she has already gotten sick and is very nauseous. If she continues to act like she is then I may need to postpone riding until I can get her stable. We’re watching her pace back and forth right now. More details later.

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  1. Enjoy your ride, give the dog a hug from me and yourselves a pat on the back for reaching 200 followers.

    1. thanks sheree im hoping to ride however it isnt looking to b ea possibility today. playing everything by ear at moment. i may need to do indoor for a bit till she gets better

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