Another missed ride as our dog is under the weather again

So 2 days in a row I was aiming to go for a bike ride and sadly I couldn’t. The last two days our dog hasn’t been doing so hot. She has not been eating enough and for some reason now she acts frightened when we try to offer her food. Her vet said that sometimes she wouldn’t mentally be with it so we sort of expecting times like that however it is just saddening to see our dog scared of anything.

If I would’ve left for my ride as planned yesterday morning then I would’ve come home to a huge mess. At one point in the day, I had to take my dog outside about every 5 minutes after she came in to once again relieve her bowels. She couldn’t control herself for a few hours and it looked like nothing but clear thick liquid. After all of that took place she wanted a bite of my applesauce which was equivalent to a teaspoon worth, then she went back to taking a nap. That was sort of my rinse and repeat day. I did get to start up our Twitch Stream for a few hours with several stops in the middle to tend to our dog.

After much debate, Annika and I decided that Wednesdays would be the best and the only day that we will stream on Twitch. We believe that one day a week is more than enough. Think of it like when you watch a TV Show, it comes on one time a week and that’s the way we plan to stream it. Our goal with our stream is to enjoy some game time or some Zwift time with our supporters while sort of having that time to go over the week with everyone who missed it. We haven’t decided the time of day that we will do the stream yet so if you have an interest in attending be sure to follow our channel and watch for Live Notifications until we post official time.

Riding My Bike.

If our dog is doing okay by the time I’m ready to roll out the door then I will be going for a ride. Until things are better with her, making plans are still in the air. If I make it out to ride I will share in tomorrows article.

I’m gonna keep things short this morning as it was a very long day yesterday. Thanks so much for the support and we hope you have an epic adventure day.

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  1. Sorry to hear she’s not well. It’s rather up and down isn’t it? Give her a cuddle from me.

    1. it’s constantly up and down. between our son and his gf from January to end of March and our dogs health, Im losing my mind trying to do anything at this point.
      today and yesterday she needs to go outside continuously. i went through 8 poop bags in a 5 minute outing yesterday, glad i was home.

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