Our dog turned 9 years old this morning

Good morning everyone, today is looking better than most of this week has. Today our dog “Marley” turned 9 years old. She spent the last 2 days sick with uncontrollable bowels which ended with yesterday being at her vet getting her arthritis shot again and spending some time in the hyperbaric chamber for oxygen therapy. The upside from the treatments yesterday is she came home feeling and looking much better, however she still has an upset stomach. Marley’s vet said that the stomach issues are due to the continuous changes in diet to keep her enticed to even eat, so this is something that we all will have to get used to.

Marley is 9 years old today | Happy Birthday | MattyAndAnnika
Marley is 9 years old today | Happy Birthday | MattyAndAnnika

She woke up looking very happy a few minutes ago and she instantly gave me a morning kiss to say hello. She already seems playful and today is the one day out of each year that we spoil her even more than we do each day. She used to get a slice of pizza for herself on her birthday, given her condition she may only get a single pepperoni or a piece of a crust; she will still be treated with tons of love.

Hugs and many thanks to everyone that writes in the comments sending her hugs etc. We read these messages to Marley every time she gets them, you should see her perk up when I say “you’ve got mail Marley”. Today we simply hug her, try to play with her and sing “Happy Birthday” to our spoiled munchkin.

How was yesterday?

Other than the issues with Marley which made it to where I had to stay home all day again to take care of her, a few things took place. First I was setting up to ride indoor since I couldn’t leave the house and after getting everything out and ready to setup I realized something, my skewer was gone. When I had returned the loaner rim from where I was sponsored by Bike Barn to do the charity ride a few months back, I accidentally left my skewer on the rim with the trainer tire. That being the situation made it so that I couldn’t ride indoors. I did attempt multiple times to go outside and every time that I got my bike out my dog was running for the door to use her brown crayon on the grass to write her name. Usually, she will go out for a number 2 once in the mornings and once at night, yesterday and the day before was an average of 6-8 times per outside visit. Yesterday was the first time she has gone on our floor since she was a baby, she was upset about it too.

So I ordered a new skewer yesterday and we also made a quick trip to Bike Barn to see if the skewer was still there, Mary gave me a new one and they had my tire in the office; score. Hugs to Mary, Dave, and the awesome team at Bike Barn for always being epic to us. Marley was at her treatment so we had a few minutes to run a couple of errands. Now I will rewind a little to earlier in the day.

I started looking into many Zwift Alternatives and found several, one of which was Road Grand Tours now called RGT Cycling. I installed everything and ran into a few bugs so I touched base with support, this lead to another whole new glitch; the support site wasn’t accessible to anyone other than staff. I contacted them via e-mail and started talking to Mike,Β  what epic people at RGT. Mike turned out to be really cool and after our conversations, I totally cannot wait to test out RGT. More on RGT as soon as I have a rim to set up my indoor riding again.

That pretty much sums of yesterday other than we spent most of our afternoon at her vet until we had to rush home with take-out food to get some sleep before work today. Once Annika and Marley were starting to sleep my health started acting up and I spent my night sick again due to my esophagus acting up. I need to go and have my esophagus stretched again soon so that food doesn’t get stuck and so that I don’t lose the ability to breathe when I’m asleep.

Lunch Yesterday

Oh, I meant to mention that I made burritos for lunch yesterday I made my special burritos. Now I’m not a great cook, in fact, my vision is so horrible that using the stove isn’t a very good idea; but I can make simple stuff. Making burritos on my own is sort of my fun things to do. It’s really easy to make these burritos and they have minimal ingredients however when I was making them I was thinking of all of you awesome readers and I wanted to share, so I took pictures of step by step.

Today’s plan?

Right now I’m waiting to see how my dog is going to be before I make any plan to ride my bike today. I do plan to ride tomorrow for certain, Saturday is a dedicated long distance bike ride every week. If Marley seems to be doing okay then I’ll go for a nice bike ride this morning. I do need to go to my mailbox and pick up my new skewer when it arrives and of course my #BeMoreMike sticker that New Bike Shop sent to me.

Annika and I have some errands to run today and I hope to maybe get the change to wash up my bike a bit. So today we play by ear and get ready for a long distance bike ride tomorrow at worst. Annika and I are in the process of enjoying the TV Series “The OA” Season 2 as we watch one episode each night.

I’ve also been checking out another TV Series called “Kiss Me First“.

Oh, and we have been in the process of reaching out the musical performance group “Broken Peach” to hire them for an event, they wrote us back; woot.

Thanks so much!

Okay gang, it’s time for coffee. You know the drill, we love yas very much and we’re very thankful for the support by all of you amazing followers of our website and Patreon Supporters. Oh, and I did get a message asking how someone could send something to our dog or for those who had an interest in sending support towards what we’re doing. The answer is simple, you may use our Ko-Fi link or our Patreon Page; thanks for asking.

Have an epic adventure day today!

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  1. Charlee: “Happy birthday to Marley! Many happy returns!”
    Chaplin: “We’re sorry she’s been feeling under the weather. We send lots of purrs that she feels better soon!”

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