Getting ready for my Saturday long distance bike ride – hopefully

Last Saturday I took a bike ride to Carefree Arizona, it was a very fun ride for me. Through this week riding has been difficult with what’s going on with our dog however I am going out today for another long distance ride. My goal when visiting other cities is to visit the city signs and when I went to Carefree I couldn’t find it, and so far on my rides I haven’t remembered to get photos of the signs, so my goal from here on out is to try and get a photo of the city welcome signs as well.

Over the next few weeks it is going to be getting very hot and the hotter it gets the harder it will be to ride long distance outside. When it gets too hot to be doing long distance rides then I will go to indoor riding until the cooler weather comes back. Before it gets too hot, I will do my best to visit several cities.

I’d like to be able to ride back out to Carefree again soon to visit a museum there, maybe do so while traveling to Cave Creek or another city at the same time. So far this year has put a huge damper on a lot of my riding plans, no matter we have the rest of our lives to do so. As one of our readers (Kathy) said to me, “we won’t regret the time spent with our dog during these rough times”, and yes she is right.

This morning I plan to go for a bike ride, anywhere between 60-100 miles will make me very happy. I’m not sure which direction I will be going but I do know that no matter which way; it will be epic. There is so much to see in Arizona and that is why we decided that as long as we visit all of Arizona by bike during the rest of our lives, then we are very happy and content.

I’ve got my gear together, my bike is in great shape, let’s do this.

How was yesterday?

Marley had a fun birthday, we know this because she took a long uninterrupted nap and woke up extremely perky and playful. I read her the awesome messages from everyone and Marley sends hugs back to:

And all of the other awesome people who have been writing in over the weeks. It means a lot to us that everyone has been writing to us via email, comments, and discord to check on us and our dog every day; hugs and many thanks to you all.

I took a few pictures of her when she was outside chilling and when she was lounging around enjoying her birthday nap.


It was a fun day and a time for relaxation and rest for Annika and me since the whole week has been extremely busy.

My stuff arrived in the mail

First off, we made it to pick up our mail, our package from #PEDALFUCKERNewton Bike Shop” arrived that contains the #BeMoreMike stickers and a #PEDALFUCKER  sticker, I’m very happy that it those arrived; huge thanks to the awesome people at Newton for all they do for cyclists.

#BeMoreMike Stickers | #PedalFucker | MattyAndAnnika
#BeMoreMike Stickers | #PedalFucker | MattyAndAnnika

Another package arrived that I had ordered from Amazon containing my new skewer for my indoor trainer.

Last but not least, my package from Team Nat arrived. Team Nat is the team that I am part of to help raise money for kids with cancer. I am riding in June and have a page online where people who want to support the cause may do so, click here to check it out. I will be riding 1000 miles in June to assist with the cause and I plan to keep this page live forever if it is possible so that my cycling can help benefit such an amazing cause. My Team sent me a Team package that has my posters, some stickers, a shirt, and many other items to help promote the cause, receiving this was an amazing feeling and I’m thankful to be a part.

I'm riding to help fight Kids' cancer
I’m riding to help fight Kids’ cancer

Alright, I’m gonna cut it short today so that I can go for my bike ride. Thanks so much for the support and we wish you an epic adventure day; hugs to you all and we will post again in the morning.

Quick update on riding today

Yesterday I felt as if I had a stomach bug and I know that most of me being sick are from my esophagus issues. I’ve currently not gone to sleep as I had gotten sick more than 25 times last night from 9pm-11pm. I may still ride today however if not I will start up on Monday. My stomach muscles feel ripped apart from the several hours of puking my guts out. Fingers crossed for now as I’m drinking a few cups of coffee and am gonna try to put some food in my belly before attempting to leave out of the house.

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