Annika and I are taking a nice bike ride

Sunday was a nice chill family day get together and a day of trying to get our dog to eat. She started the day off perky and happy, she had an early bite for breakfast however she wouldn’t eat a lot and didn’t eat dinner. She is acting fine however we’re hoping she eats a little bit more today.

Today Annika and I are going for a bike ride, we may ride anywhere between 15-30 miles depending on how we feel. Our goal today is so that Annika can get a ride in and so that we can check out a different area to take some new pictures and video. Lately, our schedule as it has been, Annika hasn’t been able to ride much no matter how much she wants to. Every time that we had a day off together so that we both could ride other things got in the way that took more priority. Annika and I will try to enjoy some riding on our bikes today and Tuesday, Wednesday I will start up riding myself and then, of course, I will live stream on our Twitch Channel about noon (MST) after my ride.

We’ve not made a plan today, we are just aiming to enjoy our time together on our bikes and then spend time with our dog. Life is short so we make sure to enjoy all the time that we can together and we make it count. We hope to go find a route that we haven’t been on, and we won’t be doing much climbing until Annika gets her bike legs back in full swing.

Alright, time to get the day rolling. Hugs and many thanks for the support and we wish you all an epic adventure day. We will share details on our ride tomorrow.

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