We got a bike ride in together, and my bike got repaired

Yesterday Annika and I had an awesome morning bike ride together as we had headed out towards a random direction. We did sleep in a little before we left out and for the first time, we didn’t clean our house before we left. Annika and I just enjoyed a nice time out on our bikes as we headed towards Phoenix to cruise through the paths. When we started heading back towards Old Town from our ride we decided to stop into Bike Barn to see if Dave could adjust my rear derailer again due to chaining issues again.

My rear derailer was bent and out of alignment | MattyAndAnnika
My rear derailer was bent and out of alignment | MattyAndAnnika

Dave put my bike on the stand and started to look things over, we noticed that a link in my new chain was jumping in the same place every time. We were debating that since it was a new chain that maybe that one gear had a slight very hard to see bend in it. We both kept looking it over debating several ideas and then Paul came to look. Paul is one of the bike mechanics in the shop, he has worked on bikes since 1984. Paul walked over and said something that was new to us all, he said there’s a trick to this bike and it’s within 4 chain links.

My rear derailer was bent and out of alignment | MattyAndAnnika
My rear derailer was bent and out of alignment | MattyAndAnnika

That’s Paul in the picture working on my bike. Paul said that to begin with, my bike had too many links on the chain; the chain was the 3rd installed on the bike since I had it. He removed the links and then pulled the cable off, within a few minutes he put an alignment tool on my derailer and said: “here is the problem, the derailer arm is bent!”. He made some tweaks to the derailer and then repaired my cable, afterward he started adjusting the tension. After a few minutes, he said to me: “Try it now” and he handed me my bike. I took it outside and started going through the gears, within seconds I knew that finally the chaining issue was gone. Paul and Dave made my bike ride like a new bike again, what an epic bike shop! Hugs and many thanks to Dave and Paul for their hard work and for always looking after Annika and I like they do.

After the ride

When we made it back home, Annika and I cleaned up the house and had some street tacos for lunch while enjoying “The OA Season 2”.

We love the show a lot, hoping that they have a 3rd season or Part 3. We watched an episode or two and chilled with our dog while resting our muscles a bit. After lunch, we headed out for a quick errand and returned so that we could try to feed our dog her lunch in which she didn’t eat. Most of the rest of the day and night was spent trying to get our dog to put some food in her belly and finally, we had to give her two hotdogs so that something was in her belly so she could take her meds.

The day was a good one as we finished the remaining episodes of “The OA” and then checked our Monopoly tickets to see our winnings, we call it “fingering a smurf” since we get blue fingers from all of the tickets, haha.

lol smurf

So what’s the game plan today?

This morning we’re still trying to get our dog to eat a bit so that she can take her meds and we’re hoping to get a bike ride in before we have to be back at home to get things done before the day is over. Tonight it’s off to bed early for work in the morning so we have to get our house clean, get laundry done for the week and tend to our dog as she is on a tight schedule too. Oh, and we need a new TV Show to watch, lol.

All it’s that time

Coolio my friends, it’s time to finish our coffee and get the day rolling. Thanks so much for the support as we’ve reached 204 followers here on our blog and huge thanks to our Patreon Supporters. Have an epic adventure day everyone and thanks for keeping up with what we’re up to.

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  1. Everyone needs a great local bike shop (LBS) with awesome mechanics. We’re fortunate to have a fantastic one near us who’s probably better known as Lance’s Motorman!

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