It was just lizards- a nice hike

Yesterday Annika and I had a blast out on a hike in South Mountain. We saw several female Chuckwallas chilling on the rocks all over the place. Let’s start from the beginning.

Annika and I slept in a bit since we were up most of the night before trying to get Marley to eat some food. During our being up for a long time, we enjoyed the movie “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile”.

We finally did get a little bit of sleep and when we woke it was time to get things rolling. This brings me to something that I have been forgetting to mention, we exercise all the time. Annika and I have been continuously doing a set of exercises while also working out in our gym daily. We both do the following exercises per day at the amount of our age:

  • bench press 100+ pounds
  • situps
  • arm curls each arm with dumbells
  • pushups
  • arm circles each direction

We also do other stretches to help with muscle recovery. So yes we workout daily, we also tend to walk in the ballpark of 10-20 miles per week not counting hiking. We’re also now back on our bikes.

So after our workout at home and cleaning our home while we tended to our dog, we headed out for a hike at South Mountain. We hadn’t been to South Mountain before other than riding in a car passed it to see what it looked like. The hike was almost 3 miles and the perfect temperature, we had a beautiful cool breeze the whole time. During our hike, we realized that something caught our eye about South Mountain that stood out from all of the other spots, so many people don’t clean up after their animals on the trail. I saw at least 25 bags of dog poop stashed in all kinds of areas, and I also saw a lady allow her dog to do it’s business and then she left it there as she continued to hike. Other than the bags of dog poo throughout the hike, we also saw several black lizards with red tails which we were told that they were female Chuckwallas. They looked so beautiful and they acted as if they were protecting their nest as one made it know that they were watching us, haha.

We didn’t see any snakes however we did hear 1 rattlesnake shake his tail in one spot the closer we got to it, we simply kept on moving. The hike was fun and the terrain was much different from some of the other trails that we had hiked. The scenery was amazing and we do look forward to hiking this spot again.

After our hike, we headed back home to spend time with our dog as the day was to be early to bed since we have to work this morning.  I do plan to get a nice bike ride in today and I also will be streaming on our Twitch channel around noonish (MST). Now I took a good bit of photos during our hike and a lot of videos which will be up on our YouTube Channel soon, it will be video #18 in the playlist below when it gets uploaded.

All right, well you know what time it is.

Time to get the day rolling after a nice cup of coffee. More to come tomorrow on even more adventures. Thanks so much for the support from our followers here on our website and our Patreon Supporters. Have an epic adventure day.

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