Yesterday’s adventure had to be moved to today

Before I headed out for my bike ride yesterday we had given Marley her nausea medication and a pinch of acid reducer. After giving her the meds she needed she was out of it, very lethargic as the vet and prescriptions said it would, however, I didn’t want her at home by herself like that so I stayed in with her. About 12 hours later she woke and was all happy and perky again and seems to be that the pain she was having had gone away. Her health is a day to day rollercoaster so she comes first before an adventure if ya think of it it’s an adventure to be by her side when she needs us and it is worth it.

Marley is sort of awake however she is waiting for her bath
Marley is sort of awake however she is waiting for her bath

I took her outside to do her business and she had a little troubles doing so, she decided to sit and wait to be carried to the bathtub. She got a quick bath and we spent the day keeping a close eye on her as we worked all day trying to get some food in her belly.

Today’s Adventure is Yesterday’s makeup Adventure

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s goal is to go out for a nice bike ride in the range of 60-100 miles, probably the latter. My goal is to make up for yesterdays adventure since I couldn’t go out. The upside is that I got to spend some valuable to with my dog yesterday and I did get to take a nice nap with her to rest my muscles.

Adventure Cycling | Scottsdale | Arizona | MattyAndAnnika
Adventure Cycling | Scottsdale | Arizona | MattyAndAnnika

Yesterday morning I thankfully ran into another local blogger named Erik, epic stuff and I highly recommend to everyone to check it out. He had followed our site so I as I do when anyone follows, check out his blog and we have tons in common; we’re basically neighbors.


Post every day and keeping up with the awesome folk that we follow has been an epic adventure also. It’s been an honor so far as I check every person’s blog each morning before I head out the door.

Marley loves to sleep on me when I'm watching TV on the couch
Marley loves to sleep on me when I’m watching TV on the couch

The picture of Marley sleeping on me is from last summer before she started experiencing her kidney issue.

Okay, so today’s adventure I am planning to ride a bit, a long bit. Daily I look at Google Maps and go over routes that I’d like to do and I have a few in mind. Several cities within a fair distance that I’ve wanted to reach by bike and one of them I will today. I wished I’d made it to Cave Creek the other day when I was in Carefree, literally I was 4.5 miles away.

I rode my bike to Carefree Arizona and Back | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika
I rode my bike to Carefree Arizona and Back | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika

Actually about 1 mile away since I did make it into Carefree after the photo above lol.

Adventure Bike Ride to Carefree Arizona | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika
Adventure Bike Ride to Carefree Arizona | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika

So right now the question is, “which direction do I want to go?” North for climbing and yes I love to climb hills on my bike. South will give me tons of climbing on the way back, then East and West are basically rolling hills or flat, not much climbing.

Remanence the BeeLine and all of the long distance riding


Wow, that photo of my bike at the Tonto National Forest sign is a nice memory. That was my first trip on the BeeLine highway on my road bike (Icarus).

I literally climbed all those crazy hills on BeeLine highway all the way to mile marker 210 on my mountain bike (Kara) before that, haha it was epic and very hard. The BeeLine Highway is my favorite place to ride my bike and only one time other than when Kevin went with me to Tonto Basin have I ever seen another person on a bike out that far. I’ve slowed down riding on the BeeLine since I get a ton of flat tires when I go out that way. I am in the process of setting up some specific tires to ride out there again in hopes that they don’t get shredded.

A lot of my local friends are mind blown as to how many flats I’ve had out there so let me be clear on that, we’re not just talking a punctured tube, we’re talking about pieces of metal all through the tires themselves.

In January 2018 till March 2018 I had replaced 12 tires not counting tubes. My road bike (Icarus) has been in the shop for tuneups more than 50 times just in 2018. I rode so much that it was in the shop at least 1 time a week getting something replaced from chains, cassettes, headset bearings, bottom bracket repaired; well everything haha.

I hope to be getting back to riding like that again soon. I messed up my leg really bad from riding too much last year. I was riding 120-150 miles in single ride pushing hard to reach 250 miles per day, I was riding almost every day. Now when I ride, I have the strength lots of it however when I pedal for a long period my leg tries to lock up. I don’t get tired in fact during an 8-hour bike ride I don’t stop for breaks, I may pull over to reply to my wives text message or to take a picture of something that caught my eye; however, I don’t stop longer than 2-5 minutes until my ride is over. The longest time in the saddle was about 11 hours and it has been hard to find a good saddle to hold up.

Okay back to today

Today and tomorrow I aim to get some pedaling done, maybe 200 miles between today and tomorrow; fingers crossed. Many hugs and many thanks to all of our awesome followers here on our website and our awesome Patreon Supporters. Don’t forget that you all are welcome in our Discord Server. Have an epic Adventure day and again many thanks. More to come tomorrow.


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