The adventure weekend becomes time for my bike to go to the shop

Yesterday I had an epic plan to go for a nice bike ride and all was good however I had to wait to leave. I woke at 11pm Thursday night to start getting ready and at 1am was talking with a friend that had an interest in riding with me. Well from that time the clock started getting worn down as I continued to wait to see when and if he was coming with me while at the same time Marley was having troubles going to the bathroom on her own. 7am comes along and being able to go the distance I had planned was shot and I had to figure out a new plan. I setup Zwift and put my bike on the trainer to see if I could just pump out a nice long ride since I was looking to be home to tend to our dog.

2019-03-22 - Matty on Zwift | Hill climbs | MattyAndAnnika
2019-03-22 – Matty on Zwift | Hill climbs | MattyAndAnnika

The picture of me on Zwift is an older one as I forgot to take screenshots yesterday. During my ride on Zwift, something was terribly wrong. Typically when Zwift puts out an update, it takes up to 2 weeks before it works properly with Wahoo Kickr Snap, it’s as if Zwift doesn’t care about that companies trainers as much as it does for the Tacx Neo 2. At first, I thought the update was the problem as I was pedaling my bike 17 mph while Zwift said 4-5 mph. I continued to push through the 14% inclines to pedal as fast as 120rpm’s while getting nowhere for just over 4 miles; I was pouring sweat more than I’ve ever done on any bike ride. This had really aggravated me so I disconnected my bike from the trainer and put my outside skewer back on and took my bike outside for a ride. On Zwift it took me 30 minutes to tear my legs apart to go 4 miles and it took me an hour going slow to do 12 miles outside while my bike was riding as it if were on flat tires.

During my bike ride outside it seemed as if every few seconds something was grabbing my tire to stop it, like a slow drag. I thought that maybe my muscles were just sore from the crappy Zwift ride I had just done until I noticed that the ride I was on had almost no climbing and it felt as if I was going uphill the whole time. I decided to pull over to look and I noticed that my wheel was spinning with a lot of wobble. I turned my bike upside down and spun the wheel to see that yes my tire was catching on the breaks every half turn; I immediately took my bike home. I did the math and my bike has so many miles that it is time to have my wheels overhauled, thankfully I have already got a scheduled date to have this done so my bike is going to be resting until the 20th when it goes in the shop to have a ton of things repaired.

During the bike ride downtime, I will be working on in our gym and doing some streaming gameplay on our Twitch to help get the word out about the Charity ride I’m doing in June.


With all that took place from January through the end of March so much got left untaken care of. We went through a ton of our savings to help our son and a ton more all the way to now taking care of our dog; so much that little things have gotten passed us like basic upgrades. Things that aren’t super important but they are things in need when you ride all the time, stuff like:

  • new cycling shoes
  • new cleats (already got some)
  • new tires (already got these just not installed yet)
  • bike maintenance (doing on the 20th of May)

Those are just the bike related little things that we had let get passed us over the couple months. Before January my bike was brought by the shop once a week after a ride and Dave and his team took care of my bike and kept it rolling like new. Since January it has been to the shop but I think 3 times for a quick check or touch up and I have hardly ridden over 1k miles since then. The other day I noticed that my road shoes are complete wore out and I need new cleats in which I have had new ones in my closet for a year waiting to change them out, haha. New tires we got just as the Grand Prix 5000’s came out and of course, we waited to have them installed.

So the point is, it’s time to start catching up the neglected things and start getting our savings put back together, it’s just been a rough year. So yes my bike is not going to be ridden till after the 20th of May so it can get 100% overhauled and fixed up like new. In the meantime, I will be live on Twitch a few times a week.

Now, what’s up with Marley (our dog)?

Yesterday Marley was having troubles going to the restroom by herself. I noticed the last three days that I had to give her a bath after each time outside and that something was really bothering her. Yesterday we had to help her relieve herself. We walked with her outside as she tried and tried, I ended up taking her to the tub and helped her relax as we applied some water, what a mess however it helped her and she was much happier afterward.

She is in bad need of a haircut so yes she gets what we call “Klingons”, we can’t get her a haircut with all of the treatments and things she is going through as it may push her over the edge so grooming becomes a part of the problems in some ways however she has been constipated due to her kidney not processing correctly. She drinks her water so fast that within minutes after she drinks she will get sick and lose a lot of it, then she will start all over.

One day at a time.

So yes a slight break from being outside

So for the next 10 days, I will be indoors with our dog while I wait to get my bike fixed and hopefully get some new cycling shoes by then as well. I’m not going to worry with miles, outside adventures or even stress about it till all is done. Over this period I will be live on our Twitch channel and in our discord spending time with supporters while daily blogging here to keep everyone in the loop.

It’s that time

Time for coffee and to start the day. Hugs and many thanks to our awesome followers here on our website and hugs and thanks to our awesome Patreon Supporters. We wish you all an epic adventure day and we will post again in the morning.

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