We got a peloton bike and our dog is doing much better

Hello and good morning or afternoon. This weekend has been a time for relaxing around our household and spending time with our dog until my bike gets fixed. The last few days our dog (Marley) has been doing amazing. She has been eating almost the proper amount she needs each day. She has been playful and loveable as she used to be, also very alert. It’s been an awesome feeling to have Marley acting like herself again. We’ve slept in the last few days to catch up on our rest and to just spend time chilling with Marley every chance that we have had.

Yesterday we woke up and started talking about what we’re doing in between the wait time to take my bike in for repairs while we were getting things ready to meet up with family for Mother’s Day dinner. We decided to head over to the mall in Old Town (right by our house) and see what kind of goodies we could find for Annika’s mother and sister before we all met up later. As we got to the mall none of the shops were open so we headed toward the Apple store and right beside it was the new Peloton store. We decided to take a seat as we waited and the Peloton store opened up, well…. we went in.

We debated the options of having another stationary bike in our home so that Annika had a Zwift type option and Peloton fit for what she wants in a system. The setup comes with the bike, 2 pair of shoes, a set of 3-pound dumbbells, 2 heart monitors, a floor mat and two headsets. The Peloton system also comes with classes for not only cycling but Yoga and many others, so sure it gave us more for our gym at home. After about 15 minutes in the mall, we were walking out of the Peloton store with our receipt and awaiting our call to schedule the delivery time. So now we have not only outdoor cycling and mountain biking; we have Zwift, Road Grand Tours, and newly added Peloton as a cycling workout option. We’ve been adding to our in-home gym everything here and there that we need so that we don’t need a membership somewhere to do what we enjoy. In our gym, we currently have an elliptical, a Bowflex, dumbells, 2 mountain bikes, a touring bike, a race road bike a Zwift setup with Kickr Wahoo Snap and once delivered the Peloton bike; we’re running out of room haha.

With the addition to our exercise equipment, Annika and I are going to up our daily workout to get our bodies ready for some really awesome up and coming adventures. She and I are planning a 2-3 week adventure through the Arizona Trail bikepacking. We haven’t decided the date yet so until then we will keep you in the loop as we get it planned out.

In Other News

Yesterday morning we started working on our Streaming setup for gaming, Zwift, and Road Grand Tours. We connected to Mixer and Restream and well… that’s when things went to crap. Mixer is just an unstable load of crap and Restream makes it all worse. Our goal was to stream to multiple platforms to reach a larger audience however When we sent the test stream through Restream we were dropping frames by the thousands within seconds. We spent hours preparing everything and at the end, we shut down our Restream account and disabled Mixer, we will only use Twitch for the day or two here and there to stream on.

Cutting it short

Alright, it’s that time. We’re getting the day rolling and gonna run some errands. Tomorrow starts our work week so I will be here bright an early. Many hugs and much thanks for the support by our 215 followers here on our website and the 7 awesome Patreon Supporters. You all are amazing! We wish you all an epic adventure day and we will return tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

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