Feels strange not being on our bikes however we’re still working out

Yesterday was a chill day of getting things done before work this morning as our work week starts today. Being off our bike doesn’t mean we aren’t working out or making some nice ride plans. We’re making room for the new Peloton bike that will arrive on the 21st and we cannot wait till my bike gets fixed on the 20th. Dave and the team at Bike Barn are ready to “get er done”. It’s “new phone” weekend and more treatments for our dog all in the same weekend, it’s gonna be a busy couple of days.

Annika and I enjoyed some game time as we joined with a few friends to play some Overwatch. I will be streaming a bit more this week while I wait to be able to ride again. Our daily exercise sort of increased and will be continuously doing so.

Our Routine Exercises consist of:

  • arm circles
  • push ups
  • situps
  • bench press
  • curls
  • stretches
  • elliptical (running, walking climbing)
  • walking outside
  • hiking a few times a week or when we have a day free
  • cycling (road bike)
  • mountain biking
  • swimming
  • riding on Zwift
  • riding on Road Grand Tours
  • soon to be riding on Peloton

We’re both on a plan that will help us get our bodies to where we want them to be. For the most part, we aim to be able to stay fit and have the strength and endurance to do bikepacking trekking, long distance bike travel, and maybe some rock climbing as time goes by. We love enjoying the outdoors and we love making the most of our everyday. Time with each other, some time with our dog, spend a little time with family and friends and do all we can to have an adventure over and over again; that’s the life we try to live and enjoy. We do love to do some gaming here and there but we do keep it minimal given the type of people that you can find in that type of community.

Our dog (Marley) is still progressing nicely, she looks much healthier; hugs to all of you for checking in on her each day. I’m gonna cut this short today and try to get some things done before work. Hugs and many thanks to our followers and supporters have an epic adventure day.

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