Counting down to ride my road bike

Yesterday was filled with exercising, spending time with our dog, streaming some gameplay on our Twitch Channel and a chill dinner with a movie. Over the next few days, I will be streaming a bit more than what will be taking place however it’s fun gameplay while I await my bike repair.

I did go through our website yesterday and remove some older post that was no longer needed or relevant. After removing about 20 articles it messed up our post daily count with WordPress, it changed our daily number from today would be a 190-day streak, it’s now 105; I’d say their code is wrong. I removed tons of tags and categories that we will no longer use. Also within our Discord server, I did the standard clean up of all the channels and we will be purging all inactive members so that we don’t have things running for no reason.

I’m considering taking out Kara, my mountain bike for some road riding and climbing just to get some ride time in, but I haven’t decided yet. Our dog is doing much better, so far each of the last few days she has eaten pretty well and been very playful.

Whelp now I want to plan a long bike ride however I still need to wait for my road bike… Annika and I are both working on some trips together and once our bikes are up to par we will be ready to roll out. I am hoping to start doing some longer distance stuff like crossing the state of Arizona or even half of it here and there in the near future.

Today’s plan is to sort of find a sense of inner peace when I’m not in my riding mental state. Nothing seems to match up to that feeling of freedom like when I’m riding with not point of start or end; there is something beautiful about that. If only Annika, Marley and I could only ride with nothing holding us back; one day in the future this day will come. Now while I await my bike to be back to the normal feeling I look at pictures of the BeeLine when I rode out there and remembrance of the feeling of climbing those hills and the epic downhill when returning. Videos and photos could never give someone what the feeling is like. It’s happiness, fear, on the edge of all emotions; it’s just peaceful.

I plan to get a bit of rest since I couldn’t sleep last night and maybe do some Overwatch later in between cleaning up my bike to prepare it for repairs. So far Marley is doing really good as we found she has been sneaking food when we aren’t looking and while we’re sleeping which is a great thing, it means she is eating much more than we know; bonus.

Okay, I’m gonna cut this short and see if I can find something to keep me motivated while I wait to ride. Hugs and many thanks to our followers here on our website and the 7 Patreon Supporters. Have an epic adventure day.


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