Getting the day started and counting down the last days til Peloton gets here

Yesterday was a fair day, for the most part, the biggest adventure was enjoying our dogs’ happiness as she played outside. It was an awesome windy day and Marley just enjoyed the outside air in between a light run here and there. She has been daily progressing in a positive status. She goes to see her vet tomorrow (Saturday).

My morning started with the normal cup of coffee and some time spent with Annika and Marley. Annika headed out to her office and I started getting my work done. Marley and I had a short morning stream after getting some work done and then we both had breakfast. Within minutes of having breakfast and of course I hadn’t slept yet it was time to take a quick nap. I told Marly “Cuddlebutts” and she ran for the bed, that means nap time. I went to lay down after she got on Annika’s pillow and immediately then I was sick.

I ran for the restroom and spent a few hours getting sick, something hit me like a ton of bricks. I was puking everywhere and couldn’t stop even when nothing was coming out, Annika almost rushed home to check on me. After close to two hours it all stopped, I was fine however I was in pain from all of the dry heavings so I laid down to rest. I took a nap for a few hours and when I woke it was time for Marley to have lunch and time for me to get some more work done. When all was done Marley and I decided to do another stream to play some Overwatch with some friends before Annika got here.

Playtime for Marley

All of the above pictures and videos made our day to see her so cheerful given how she had been over the last few months. We ponder the fact of how many nicknames she has and how many she responds to, like “Sugarbutt” and “SnookemsButt”, haha. She is extremely smart and if we spell something out she still knows what we’re talking about. She responds to commands in Russian and English and loves her mom and dad. It’s hard to think that just a week ago she could hardly walk around without almost falling over and now she was running outside and playing.

Streaming Overwatch on our Twitch Channel

Yesterday’s streams were fun. I played some arcade mode “Total Mayhem” and then done some “QuickPlay and Hard Bot” matches with friends. I forgot to take any screenshots or keep videos since I was streaming after all. I had a blast chatting with some of our friends and the game time was fun even when running into continuous groups using cheats.

This morning after I get some work done I will be streaming again on out Twitch Channel. The next few days will be a bit busy for us between getting our bikes fixed and maintained, our Peloton arriving, getting new phones, and Marley going to the vet. On the topic of Peloton, a package arrived at our door from Peloton this morning containing an awesome water bottle and little backpack.

We will be back riding our bikes after the 21st.

Our bikes will be repaired on the 20th and if all goes well will be able to ride by the 21st. Our Peloton also arrives on the 21st in the late afternoon so we will be setting it up as well to do tons more indoor riding whilst also riding on Zwift and Road Grand Tours here and there. We’re pretty stoked about the new Peloton and for the price it better be epic.

It’s that time

Alright, time to finish the coffee and get the day rolling. Hugs and many thanks to our 215 followers of our website and the 7 epic Patreon Supporters. Have an epic adventure day today and we will post again tomorrow.


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  1. You must’ve eaten something that violently disagreed with you. Hope you’re now feeling much better.

  2. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the Peloton bike compared to Zwift and RGT. I don’t think Peloton bikes are available here in Australia yet, but they seem to have MASSIVE following and success in other countries.

    PS: Your dog is so cute!!

    1. of course my friend i’ll be glad to share an honest opinion on it. i can say at the moment that theyre nothing like Zwift. it’s 100% different. basically riding to a prerecorded training class, you manually set the tension so it doesnt have the real world hill climbing etc.. basically its spin at your on choice of tension as long as you can while seeing a visual video

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