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So yesterday I laid out the plan for the next few days and as of yesterday, the entire plan changed up, haha that’s the way things go. So we decided that since our dog (Marley) is doing so much better then we would change her appointment based on what her vet said; two weeks from now. Since we weren’t taking Marley into the vet after work then we went ahead and got our new phones, iPhone XS Max‘s with protective cases (OtterBox and Pelican). Once we got our new phones, well they took up the rest of the night setting up; so much to reconnect it was nuts. It did turn out to be a lot easier than the last time we had to do it.

So new phone day turned out to be yesterday instead of today, today turned out it will be restocking groceries and household stuff day. Between Sunday and Monday, we will be getting our bikes situated and repaired so that we can ride them again, maybe get in a hike or two. Tuesday our Peloton will arrive so I am sure we will be putting it through the test as well as doing some Zwift and RGT Cycling (Road Grand Tours) as well. So many things need tweaking, modified, changed or repaired on my road bike. My rims need to be trued, install my new Continental Grand Prix 5000 tires with new tubes and sealant. Check hubs on my rims and do some greasing within the bottom bracket and possibly the hubs. Put my original saddle back on my bike is one of the things I’m looking forward to. Last but not least and probably an item that will need to wait, I need new cycling shoes and I already have new cleats to put on them. Annika’s bike needs a tune-up and some rear derailer tweaks.

When we get the bikes repaired we will be back to riding a lot. Now with riding, we will be riding indoors and outside. We will also be hiking, running and walking inside and outside. For the rest of the year, Annika and I will be getting our bodies back into shape so we can get some really cool adventure rides going. We’re currently working out in our gym daily and making room in our gym and in our office for bikes, bike workbench area, and our Peloton bike. I will be streaming on our Twitch Channel the following:

  • Zwift
  • RGT Cycling
  • World of Warcraft
  • Overwatch

Possibly a few other games and from time to time we will live stream from the road on a bike ride or hike. Our dedicated day for the stream is currently Wednesday however when it gets way too hot to be riding outside we will stream some of the indoor stuff randomly.

So this mornings plan is simple, get some work done around here, tend to Marley; stream some gameplay. When we get closer to the afternoon it’s stock the shelves time before dinner. In between all of that is a workout in the gym and clean bikes.

Alright, gang, you know the drill.

Coffee time. Hugs everyone, be sure to check out our Twitch Channel when you have the chance, also important note; we will not stream on Mixer. Thanks so much to our awesome followers here on our website and the 7 epic Patreon Supporters. Have an epic adventure day.


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