Today is family day and our dog is doing great

First off, we’re not photographers. I personally like to take photos of things I feel that are beautiful, my eyesight is very bad and I’m color blind so I clearly enjoy nice photos. I take pictures of thing I like and with my new iPhone XS Max the camera is so epic I had to take some cool pictures yesterday. 99% of the photos on our website were taken by us, here are some from yesterday.

I like flowers and living in Arizona there is so much beauty to capture I could share photos of new flowers and cactus every day and never run out of something different to share.

Photography by MattyAndAnnika
Marley is doing so much better today. Photography by MattyAndAnnika

Marley is daily progressing however she is a little congested today, other than that she is doing very well and as each day goes by we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Yesterday we got a few of our errands done and restocked the house for the month. It’s been so nice to not spend an extra 1k a month at the grocery store on crap we don’t eat and it’s so nice to have our house back to ourselves. Next things on our list over the next few days is to get our bikes fixed, pick up our mail and spend some family time together with our family. Oh and the Peloton bike arrives on Tuesday, woohoo. We’re looking forward to riding our bikes as soon as possible and we will be riding on Zwift, Road Grand Tours, Peloton and doing a ton of outside riding as well.

Our Twitch Channel is doing much better, yesterday we had 7 new followers and we spent some time playing Overwatch together. None of our old followers ever show up, typically they don’t come on to Twitch until after we finish stream, no matter the time. Now that we’re getting closer to having our bikes I won’t be streaming as often but I will stream a few times here and there; however still random times.

Several things we debate. First off is our Patreon Page. We put a lot on our Patreon Page for supporters only however almost none of it gets read and the perks to being a Patreon don’t hardly get used. Being a Patreon support gives certain levels access to my Live GPS Spot Tracker when I’m doing a ride, this costs us $20 a month to have and only Annika accesses it. We will forever have a Spot so the cost isn’t an issue, we’re just bummed that we give access and no one uses it, the same goes for our Discord Server. We will keep our Discord Server as well cause Annika and I use it when we’re gaming together however other than that no one uses it unless they need to message us and after that time of messaging us whelp we don’t hear any more for a long while again. Now again, we will keep our Discord open to people who want to use it cause Annika and I use it anyway, and we will always have Spot GPS for our safety; we’re just debating all of the work going into other stuff for no reason. The couple Patreon Supporters are great friends of ours and we know they love and support us and they are appreciated more than anyone could ever know. We do like knowing that our Patreon Supporters have a way of getting perks we just don’t enjoy knowing that they don’t actually get them.

Check out our Current Patreon Supporters, these people help make what we do happen.


Now for those who want to support and don’t want to use Patreon, we have a Ko-Fi Page. It’s a new platform but does work pretty well.

Oh and don’t forget in June, I am riding my bike 1000 miles to help fight Kids’ Cancer.


Gotta cut things short this morning as we have to run out for an errand. Hugs everyone and huge thanks to our Patreon Supporters (7 people) and our website followers (215 followers) for the epic support! All of you are welcome to use our Discord server, and if you play Overwatch, World of Warcraft, ride on Zwift or RGT Cycling; come spend some time with us on our Twitch Channel and game with us or ride with us.

Time for coffee and to hit the road, have an epic adventure day and thanks so much for all of the support!


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