Well we did something unexpected, meet Lilith

So, whelp, okay we give… We adopted a kitten. Yesterday we were running some errands and went to Bike Barn to check in on some things, for some reason when we left we decided to adopt a kitten so that Marley had a friend. We met with someone that was in need of finding a home for some kittens, they had placed an add and we called them. They were down to one left and so many things told us it was fate to get the kitten. Within this scenery to see the cat it involved mine and Annika’s lucky numbers (all of them), the kitten was just 6 weeks old which was perfect to grow up with Marley (our awesome dog), and the kitten was healthy to all parties knowledge.

We bought her some Hill Science Kitten blend hard food (little pellets) and some Hill Science Pro Plan soft food while we picked her up a litter box, a bowl set, and some litter. All her needs were covered so we took her straight home to get her situated. While we were home getting her acquainted with Marley, Annika added Lilith to our pet insurance at Marley’s vet and with our ASPCA plan. So yes, Lilith has a good home now and she will be seeing the vet in a few days to make sure all is well with her, so far she seems very happy and healthy.

Marley perked up big time now that Lilith is here, she has a friend to play with and she can sort of be Lilith’s mom as they get older together. Marley grew up with a cat until she passed away a few years ago, so hopefully, Lilith will be the continuous perk in her step. Now yes, things are a bit on edge as they both get situated due to new sounds in the house for them both and them not knowing each other, we will all make it work. We think they will end up besties for sure.

The week is going a planned with some extras here and there. We did a graduation dinner last night with nieces and nephews over at Annika’s parents’ house it was an awesome night. Another donation came in for my page where I’m riding for kids’ cancer in June. I also took several more photos of flowers yesterday to play with the camera on my new iPhone XS Max. Oh, and I made Annika and I the ultimate phone mount for out bikes, epic.

Well, short and sweet and we need to tend to these fun-loving munchkins this morning while we have our coffee. Hugs and many thanks for the support from our awesome followers here on our website and our Patreon Supporters. Have an epic adventure day and we will share more stuff tomorrow.

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    1. Lilith and Marley are absolutely perfect right now. They’ve been getting acquainted and playing together. Marley ate better today than everyday this past week

  1. Charlee: “Welcome, Lilith! You are very cute!”
    Chaplin: “You can’t go wrong with adding a cat to the family!”
    Charlee: “And we’re not just saying that because we’re cats.”
    Lulu: “Oh, yes you are. But I don’t mind.”

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