Lilith and Marley are doing great, time for a bike ride

All right, let’s go over what took place yesterday since we have received so many emails and comments in which we all thoroughly enjoyed. We read every message to Lilith and Marley as they had an exciting day getting to know each other.

Lilith and Marley playing after having breakfast | MattyAndAnnika
Lilith and Marley playing after having breakfast | MattyAndAnnika

While we had our coffee we fixed breakfast for Marley and Lilith. We weren’t expecting things to go as well as they did, what an awesome morning it was. When Marley saw that Lilith was eating, she decided that she needed to eat too; it was as if Marley were trying to prove she was the boss as it. Marley ate more food at breakfast yesterday morning that she has been eating in a full day, she also continued eating well all day.

These two became friends real quick, Lillith seems to think that Marley is her mom and Marley is already protective of Lilith. They played together after breakfast and anytime we had to tell Lilith not to go into an area, Marley was quick to go towards Lilith as if she were saying no as well. We’ve found that they both sleep a lot so we have them on the same schedule as us, Lilith sleeps in the crate till she is bigger and Marley sleeps on the bed with us or one of her several beds.

Lilith kept trying to play with Marley's toy collection. | MattyAndAnnika
Lilith kept trying to play with Marley’s toy collection. | MattyAndAnnika

After we got them situated and played a bit they started to get sleepy so we put Lilith in her crate since she was already falling asleep and Marley jumped into my desk chair to start snoring. We loaded up my road bike (Icarus) and headed to Bike Barn to see Dave and Paul.

Time to get the Bike Fixed

When we arrived at Bike Barn they weren’t open yet and of course, Paul comes to the door and says “come right on it”. I parked my bike at the counter and took a few pictures of my bike in front of my sign on the poll.


While Paul and Dave got ready to look things over we ran next door to grab everyone some energy drinks. When we returned Dave was putting my bike on the stand to get things started.

It didn’t take long and my bike was working in perfect condition. Both wheels were trued, several spokes needed adjustment, retaped, installation of my new Continental Grand Prix 5000 tires with tubes and sealant. My rear wheel hub and cassette were cleaned and greased, it needed it pretty badly.  Dave and Paul took excellent care of me and not once has dave ever let me down, amazing person and an epic friend; we love Bike Barn of Phoenix. Hugs and much thanks to Bike Barn of Phoenix!

Time to get lunch ready for Lilith and Marley or we thought

So we headed back home after our visit to Bike Barn as we were planning to get lunch ready for Lilith and Marley and then we realized since they were still asleep that it wasn’t a good time yet. On any normal day, I could be out riding as long as till 2pm and if I were out for a bike ride then Marley would normally be napping still. So we left again to pick up a few things.

When we arrived again we got lunch ready for the two munchkins and they nibbled a bit as we played with them and enjoyed the last episode of Game of Thrones.  Annika and I had a pizza together and both think that for the most part, they did a good job closing out Game of Thrones and yes we laugh at the idiots crying about the show, lol; it’s like watching “Idiocracy” in real life. We did a little walk and relaxed for the remainder of the day.

It was an epic adventure day for u sand we hope yours was as well. Oh, I did get some more really cool pictures of flowers while we were out and about.

What’s the plan today?

Coffee always starts the day and then it’ll be spending time with Annika, Marley, and Lilith in between getting some morning exercised done while Annika gets hers done. Feed breakfast to Lilith and Marley with a little play time while I work and get things cleaned up, then after their out for a nap it’ll be time for a nice bike ride. I do plan to do an outdoor bike ride since my bike is fixed, not sure how long of a ride yet. After the morning bike ride, I will head back for some organizing and lunch prep for our little monsters before the Peloton arrives, If I can remember to get the trainer rim then I may even do a little bit of Zwift or RGT Cycling (Road Grand Tours). Hopefully, the above plan goes off without a hick and if it doesn’t, you’ll hear about it tomorrow.

You know the drill

Coffee, feed animals, bike time… Fingers crossed, haha. Thanks so much for the support of our awesome followers here on our website and the many comments and emails that have come in about our kitten and loveable dog. Hugs to our Patreon Supporters, without them things could be much harder. Have an epic adventure day everyone and we look forward to filling in the blanks tomorrow.

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