Our Peloton Bike arrived and our animals are having a blast

My real father passed away not much older than me. He died from throat and brain cancer compliments of the US military’s chemical sprays (Agent Orange) in Vietnam. I have several similar health problems, I have Barret’s Esophagus. Basically, in short, my esophagus closes tighter and tighter, without my meds I can lose the ability to breathe and I choke on my food daily. Lately, I’ve been having more and more issues with this as I’m due to have my esophagus stretched as soon as they can get me into the schedule. This is one of the main reasons I’m not doing a ton of long-distance bike rides right now.

So my bike is fixed and yesterday the goal was to head out for a ride and I was geared up walking out the door and I got sick. “Got sick” means I puked due to my esophagus being so tightly closed that things were stuck and were not going down causing me to lose air until it came out. I’ve been having more and more episodes of this each day, 3-6 times a day and lately, it has been getting worse. So between now and my next appointment to the doctor, I will still be riding but some days I can go outside and others I cannot.

This brings me to our latest toy. The other day Annika and I bought a Peloton bike, it arrived yesterday.

With the Peloton bike and my indoor trainers (Wahoo Kickr Snap), I can ride indoors when weather is bad as well as when my ability to breathe is bad. Some perks to the Peloton which are kind of cool is it also has other workouts options and classes to take; so it’s sort of like having a personal trainer at home for Annika and me.

We’ve already been asked why we were getting a Peloton since we have Zwift and RGT Cycling (Road Grand Tours)? The answer is simple, Peloton gives us more exercises and a different workout. Peloton is like taking spin classes, it’s not like riding in a real-world atmosphere on a bike like Zwift and RGT Cycling are. Peloton is just pedaling to a visual video, not a video representation of a real ride. So Peloton gives us that continuos spin along with many other workout systems and classes like Yoga and weights. Zwift and RGT Cycling give us more of a digital visual of a real-time bike ride in the comfort of our home.

New Trainer Tire and Rim for Zwift | Bike Barn of Phoenix| MattyAndAnnika
New Trainer Tire and Rim for Zwift | Bike Barn of Phoenix| MattyAndAnnika

So the reality is, we like all of the platforms for cycling; we simply love to ride bikes and try to stay in shape. Our goal with all of the indoor riding is to help keep us motivated and always having the ability to ride without having to go to a gym or have a gym membership somewhere; besides we don’t do people well.

Now that Annika and I have both Peloton and Zwift, here and I can ride together indoors; this also gives her the ability to ride more since she works day time hours. I can hit Zwift for hard climbs while she kicks back and enjoys some nice spins on Peloton.

Lilith and Marley

Alright, next subject. Lilith and Marley! Yes, Marley and Lilith are doing great and they’re getting along very good. We shared some videos and photos yesterday on our Instagram. It’s like having to nutty kids as each morning starts feeding them both and carrying Lilith to her litter box while Marley follows right along to see what’s going on. Yesterday Lilith spent her day trying to climb on the chair with Marley, haha it was an epic sight to see.

Getting the morning started

This morning has already started at 12:30am with coffee, feeding Lilith and Marley, Annika on Peloton and weight training in our gym; just another day in our nutty life. My day for exercise starts up soon with some indoor Peloton, weight training in our gym, and some basic exercises. Also, don’t forget today is a Twitch Stream day, I hope to get started close to noon depending on how much I workout and how much work I have to get done first.

Many hugs to our friend Pynapl

One of our Patreon Supporters and friend, Pynapl has been living life by opting outside. He has taken up hiking and much more, we’re so proud of him. Hugs and loves to him for all he is doing with his life.

You know the drill

Okay gang, time to finish my coffee. Thanks so much for the continuous support from our website followers and our awesome Patreon Supporters. Have an epic adventure day and please feel free to share in the comments of your adventure, we’d love to hear about it.

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  1. I’m not a biker but simply stopped by in response to your visit to mine, and the intro to this caught my eye. I have a friend with Barrett’s Oesophagus and you remind me that I simply must email her. 🙂 Thanks, and good luck!

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