Looking forward to a bike ride today

Let’s start this out with how yesterday went. First off Marley wasn’t feeling well all day and ate just a little and Lilith was cranky due to her toy in her crate keeping her awake, we thought she was playing with it to make the noise.

Yesterday with Marley and Lilith

As for Marley, the whole day yesterday she just seems tired. At first, it seemed as if maybe she was a bit upset with Lilith since Lilith kept chasing her from relaxing spot to relax spot. Each time we fed Lilith I also had Marley’s food ready and she just didn’t show any interest, some days she just passes on meals which are normal. Later in the afternoon when it was lunchtime she still seemed to be out of it, typically she naps tip noon. I picked her up to check on her and noticed her stomach felt a little tight. I reached out to Annika and we went over the symptoms and realized that she may have heartburn like before. I tried to give Marley her meds for her heartburn and she wasn’t gonna have it, so I waited for Annika to assist me.

Annika arrived and within seconds we had Marley’s meds in her tube and “poof”, she took her meds. Within the next hour, Marley had started eating a bit not long before our bedtime. Now let’s go over Lilith’s day.

Lilith Day 5

Now it has been 5 days of Lilith living with us and she has been a nonstop crazy crackpot of a kitten. Wide open, bouncing off the walls, chasing shadows, she literally will be stair straight at a wall and “bam” she is in the air; she is a happy kitten. Since she started sleeping in her crate every little bit during the day her toy will start making noises as if Lilith were playing, we’re always giggling cause we thought she was doing it. Come to find out, the toy is noise sensitive, so if Lilith makes any kind of noise in her crate or we are too loud the toy will start making noises for at least 2 minute. I was wondering why for 6 hours yesterday Lilith wasn’t taking her nap.

I kept having to get her out of the crate to sit with her and she would go crazy as if she was wired up however it turned out it was due to being sleepy. I took the toy out of her crate and put Lilith back, she passed out for a long time.

Lilith is eating very well, she is extremely playful and so far she is on a fair schedule. She is very interested in Marley and Marley likes her and has interest however she also wants her own space.

Yesterday, Day 2 on Peloton Bike, a workout, and a Stream

The morning started off nicely as Annika did a morning workout on the new Peloton bike and once she finished hers, I got a small workout on it as well. The Peloton is a very fun system to have, tons of things to do; I’m really digging the meditation and other workouts other than pedaling.

After we both had our morning workout Annika went to her office, I did my work and then I started the stream on Twitch. I streamed for a few hours in between tending to Marley, Lilith, and my work. I am trying to get all of the new skins on Overwatch and had a nice group of players to play with. 6 new followers and a few new gaming friends, the stream was fun.

This Morning I will Stream on Twitch

This morning I have a fair plan. We’ve gotten Lilith fed and Marley is still not fully awake. Annika is about to start her morning workout and I have gotten a bit of my work today done already. I am going to stream on our Twitch channel during this early morning and try to be done before 6:30am. Hopefully, I can get a few good matches in during that time and maybe a few loot boxes.

Going for a Bike Ride with Jeff

Horse Statues in Old Town Scottsdale | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika
Horse Statues in Old Town Scottsdale | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika

Jeff and I have been texting since 11pm about doing a bike ride together and we’ve decided on a plan today. We’re hoping to do between 40-50 miles and we somewhat have a route in mind. I like riding with Jeff, it’s chill and slow paced and he is a very good friend. So depending on what time he gets home and how fast he is ready, we will be going out for a 3-5 hours bike ride, I cannot wait.

Adventure Cycling | Athletic A's Stadium | MattyAndAnnika
Adventure Cycling | Athletic A’s Stadium | MattyAndAnnika

I am planning to do some outdoors bike riding all weekend and Annika and I have a plan for a big ride together on Sunday, woohoo; fingers crossed.

You know the drill

All right gang, it’s that time. I’m gonna finish my coffee and get things ready for a stream before bike riding. Thanks so much for the support from our now 218 followers here on our website and our 7 Patreon Supporters. Have an epic adventure day everyone and we do look forward to sharing another day of our lives with you tomorrow.

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