What an epic bike ride, now let’s do it again

Yesterday was without a doubt an awesome day! To break it down in many sections, I’ve highlighted the day with titles below. We hope you enjoy how it all went and look forward to bringing you more of our adventures tomorrow.

It Started with Peloton and a Workout

The morning started at 1am with some working out on our Peloton bike. Annika did her morning bike ride on Peloton followed by some weight training. When Annika finished her workout I got on the Peloton and did a quick 10-minute ride before starting the morning stream on Twitch. More below on the stream now let me get you filled in on our household munchkins.

Adventures of Lilith and Marley

Yesterday Marley (our Pomeranian) was still not eating. She went another full day without hardly eating anything so we ended up giving her another Pepcid and her Cerenia. By the time the meds kicked in she was out for the night however you could see she was feeling a bit better. This morning Marley woke up nice and perky and started eating a little bit already.

An update on Lilith (our kitten). Yesterday Lilith started discovering electrical chords and when that happens she instantly found that when touching an electrical cord that a magical stream of water flies through the air at her. Oddly the water didn’t phase her as she likes it. We have one of those rare cats that loves to get wet, loud noises make her even more hyper and the word no she thinks means let’s do it again. In other news on Lilith, she is going to her litterbox by herself, she loves her laser pen and she loves to try to play with Marley.

Today Lilith has finally started drinking milk and water, she has doubled her food intake and she loves her mommy (Annika).

The Epic Bike Ride with Jeff

This tree has a Butt | Adventure Cycling with Jeff | MattyAndAnnika
This tree has a Butt | Adventure Cycling with Jeff | MattyAndAnnika

I made it out for an epic bike ride with Jeff, it was completely epic without a doubt. On my way to meet up with Jeff, I rode my bike 12 miles while he got home from work and got ready. When we linked up we were cutting up and laughing so much that every time we had an idea of where we were going, we would notice that we passed our turn so we just kept going.

We rode up Pima road into North Scottsdale when we were just gonna go to the canal and turn left to go to the horses on Indian School. We turned around to head back to the horses and noticed we past them again and was at the turn to the canal headed towards Arcadia. It didn’t feel like a long time and we were stopped behind O.H.S.H.O. enjoying the smell of the food and taking pictures of the place.

After we stopped and enjoyed the smell of the food we headed on our bikes towards Glendale on the canal. We saw much duck and many ground squirrels I ended up riding 54.5 miles and during the ride had some odd health experiences. I started to have something like mini strokes.

While Jeff and I were talking during the bike ride we noticed that my speech wasn’t right on several occasions. When we noticed it we made a plan to push the button on my Spot GPS for help and that he calls my wife if it continued. After the speech incidents that happen 3 or 4 times my left arm kept going to sleep followed by an itchy armpit that felt as if it itched under the skin. We stopped for a Coke and a snack break and also during the trip met a couple of nice people on Catrikes, we also saw many people on bikes who had corn cobs in their asses; that’s more common than people realize. As we were riding our bikes back into Scottsdale my body went to sleep for a brief moment long enough for me to almost crash my bike.

I slammed on breaks and Jeff immediately rushed to check on me, I thought I had died; It’s like life flashed before me. Within that couple seconds of a full body shut down and numbness all over I immediately saw all the things in life that made me happy. We pulled over for a few minutes to get the sand out of our socks and so that I can message my wife to update her on the situation. We enjoyed the water park and a quick break before we got me home. I’m not sure what was happening to me yesterday but I am feeling better at the moment, maybe since I was so overjoyed and super pumped with energy that I was just overdoing it. I do know that my heart was spiking at 180 most of the bike ride according to my heart monitor. I will visit the doctor soon and fill everyone in what the news is.

Animals from the Bike Ride

Here are some of the photos and a couple videos of the animals on the bike ride.

Animals on the bike ride | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika
Animals on the bike ride | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika
Animals on the bike ride | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika
Animals on the bike ride | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika

Bryton Rider 530 Bike Computer Sucks

Okay, a quick note that is important. Jeff and I use the Bryton Rider 530 bike computer and since their server outage last Saturday that company is complete crap. We found out first hand that their support is NULL, the phone number to call them is just a switchboard that kept transferring me to the next person that said the same thing. The ending outcome with trying to get support is the person at the Switchboard said they could put me through to a voicemail and someone may contact me in a couple weeks.

Yesterday the Bryton Bike Computer would not upload the bike ride. We had to remove the device and reset everything up again since the new APP, this makes 3rd time. Bryton doesn’t have support, and 90% of the time their product fails; we’re buying new bike computers, fuck Bryton.

Yesterday’s Stream and Let’s get to the morning Twitch Stream

Yesterday’s stream on our Twitch Channel was fun, lately, we’ve started to get new followers’ all of which had rejoined Twitch or had never had a Twitch account. We haven’t seen any of our former followers on Twitch and we have started to unfollow all channels who have just gone extinct on Twitch.

I had a blast with several people on Overwatch as we tried to get loot boxes. Speaking of loot boxes, out of almost 17 loot boxes all items are horseshit; icons and sprays. Blizzard is certainly dropping the ball! Well, either way, I will be streaming again this morning before heading out for a nice bike ride with my friend John, hope to see you there.

Heading out for a Bike Ride with John

This morning I’m heading out with John for a chill 25-28 miles and afterward I plan to ride another 25 miles, hopefully. My buddy John has been dealing with a code and is soon to cross the country on his bike so this could be one of the last rides with him this year. I’ll be sure to take some photos and videos.

You Know the Drill

Oh yes, I’ve gotta finish my coffee, do my workout on the Peloton; get ready for stream after a shower. Hugs and many thanks to our 218 followers on our website and to our 7 Patreon Supporters. Have an epic adventure day and we look forward to sharing another part of our life with you tomorrow.

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