I started a bike ride and broke a cleat

So yesterday was not so eventful. Annika and I started our day with our coffee, our workout on the Peloton Bike, and spending time with Lilith and Marley. When it was time to head out the door for my morning bike ride with John, he texted to let me know he was still too sick so he couldn’t make it; I hope he gets better soon. Well, let me get you filled in below.

Lilith loves my bike | MattyAndAnnika
Lilith loves my bike | MattyAndAnnika

The start of the day

The day started as a normal day however so many things just didn’t go as planned. It was supposed to be a nice bike ride with John after my work was done. The plan was to ride another 50ish miles. The upside of all of the minimal changes that modified the day, the day was still an adventure and a fair day.

Lilith found my treat bag on my bike | MattyAndAnnika
Lilith found my treat bag on my bike | MattyAndAnnika

The Adventures of Lilith and Marley

It all started up with Lilith going to her litter box by herself and Marley still not feeling good. While Annika and I had our coffee, the munchkins came out to get their days started with us. Usually, I carry Lilith straight to the litter box and then set her on the coffee table to have her breakfast while we give Marley her breakfast on the floor beside me. This morning was different, I opened Lilith’s crate and gave her a little pat on the head and she walked right into her litter box without assistance. She wasn’t quite awake yet however when she finished her litter box visit she walked toward the couch and climbed her way up. She edged herself across my leg and reached for the coffee table, she was ready to eat.

Lilith waking for breakfast | MattyAndAnnika
Lilith waking for breakfast | MattyAndAnnika

Marley was still on the fence about having food. Today is day 3 of her not hardly eating again, some of the issues are that Marley is just being a butthole since we have a kitten and some is she has a bit of a cold. When I took Marley outside she started to bark and I noticed that her voice wasn’t normal, this is when we noticed she has some sort of cold. Throughout the day until we heard from Marley’s vet I looked after her and tried to get her to nibble on something. When Annika picked up some of Marley’s medications we gave them to her along with an antibiotic in which she is now on for a few days, hopefully, this helps lift her up between now and her next visit for oxygen therapy and fluid injections.

Marley is chilling in her office bed in my office | MattyAndAnnika
Marley is chilling in her office bed in my office | MattyAndAnnika

Marley is still perky and yes she sneaks a snack here and there, and it isn’t that she doesn’t want to eat; she is just being extremely picky at the moment. We will keep you posted on how she is over the next few days.

A short bike ride with a broken cleat

Yes, John canceled due to a cold and Jeff never woke up in time however this didn’t mean that I couldn’t go for a ride. Now, Anika and I had already done a bike ride on the Peloton bike but I was still going to take Icarus out for a nice smooth road ride.

Icarus | Matty's Road Bike | MattyAndAnnika
Icarus | Matty’s Road Bike | MattyAndAnnika

I finished preparing my gear and I also did a few modifications on the handlebars for better reachability. Once all was the way I wanted it to be, I was out the door for a ride.

So much wear and tear | MattyAndAnnika
So much wear and tear | MattyAndAnnika

I headed out the door towards the front of our complex. When I clipped in something felt very different, my shoes felt loose in the pedals. As I pedaled down the street a little bit I began to notice that my foot was rubbing the pedal arm which isn’t supposed to be happening. I pulled over thinking that maybe my cleats were loose causing my float to be a little off; that wasn’t the case.

Time for some new road shoes | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika
Time for some new road shoes | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika

The picture of my road bike shoes is from not too long ago and you can see my shoes and cleats were wearing out.

So I continued to ride as I watched how my foot had way too much movement. As I pedaled with strength to climb a little hill I heard a snap. My cleat cracked. I could feel my foot almost out of the pedal as I continued to try and ride, finally, I decided to head home to dig out another set of cleats. When I got home I ended up tending to Lilith and Marley and couldn’t get back outside, so I set up for the morning stream on our Twitch Channel.

The morning live Stream on Twitch

Kicking Ass in Overwatch | MattyAndAnnika
Kicking Ass in Overwatch | MattyAndAnnika

The stream was average, none of our supporters made it to see the stream and a few new people popped in. I played a bit of Overwatch while trying to get the skins I want from loot boxes, once again no luck on that. The groups were fair but it is the weekend and playing Overwatch on the weekend you’ll find the dumbest, rudest, and most ignorant people on Earth; totally not worth gaming on the weekend.

So after the stream, I was working on our website and I saw some code errors in WordPress.com again.

Dealing with WordPress.com Support

Since I’ve been on WordPress.com and no self-hosted WordPress it’s been a good and bad experience. It’s always good unless you have to reach out to WordPress Support. Over this last year I’ve pointed out huge bugs in WordPress.com and after many chats with them it always comes out to find that it is a known bug that they haven’t finished or figured out yet however they don’t want people to know it exists so no one freaks out.

One of the biggest bugs in WordPress.com is the Follow button in the bottom right corner. Every few days when visiting someone you do follow, you’ll have to refollow them or wait a week and it may fix itself. WordPress says they’ve been dealing with this for a long time however it took tons of talking to a bunch of idiot support people to get to a small handful of people who knew what they were doing to get to the bottom of it. This brings me to yesterday.

So yesterday a bug that has shown itself 3 times since I’ve been on WordPress.com happen to show up again. I reached out to WordPress Support to let them know that the issue was back again so they could check it as per our last conversation and that’s when some idiot wrote back to explain to me about how to use an internet browser. They responded with the normal generic stuff they are trained to tell stupid people to shrug off problems till someone who knows how to do their job is available to actually look into it. After many exchanges of emails later, I ended up explaining to the douchebag that it was best for him to not reply anymore or email me again unless he felt it was best for me to no longer use WordPress.com, I’ve not heard a word since. Support at most companies is like asking someone in a coma for a ride to the airport, most of those people don’t know what the fuck is going on; they are just there with basic trained responses until a small group of real coders can fix it.

The endpoint to take from this is, WordPress.com is awesome unless you need to contact support. 99% of the time you’ll get the response of some idiot who can hardly make french fries.

Today’s plan

Today’s plan is simple, it’s a family day for Annika, Marley, Lilith and myself. We’re gonna get a morning workout in on Peleton and then spend the day with each other and our awesome fun loving animals. We’re gonna take Marley out for a nice ride in the car and visit Petsmart so she can pick out a new toy. We will kick back to a good movie here and there and maybe end the day with some veggie burgers.

Oh speaking of movies, we saw a very cool rock climbing movie last night called “The Dawn Wall“.

Yes, this movie was so much like “Free Solo“, oddly put together the exact same way with similar stories and storylines. In someways, it’s as if they all used the same template to drag and drop in creating the movies. Either way, these are both awesome films about amazing rock climbers.

You Know the Drill

Okay gang, time to do the thing. Coffee, workout on Peloton, and time to get the day rocking. Maybe we will get to go to REI and Bike Barn of Phoenix, either way, we’re certainly taking Marly to Petsmart for toy shopping.

Thanks so much for the support and we hope you have an epic adventure day.

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