On top of the headache from an outsider, Marley isn’t doing so good

Today and the next few days are looking to be nothing but looking after Martley (our dog). It’s been 5 days now of her slowly eating less and less and she is currently not doing so well. We gave her a bath and a little trim here and there to brighten her mood without making her nervous. We gave her medications to help with nausea and the acids in her belly, we also gave her Entyce to help with her appetite; now we’re trying to get some food in her. It’s been a stressful week worrying about her and yesterday didn’t help at all.

Marley straight from the bath tub and sort of cheerful | MattyAndAnnika
Marley straight from the bathtub and sort of cheerful | MattyAndAnnika

She has an appointment coming up when her vet returns to get oxygen therapy and fluid injections again, we’ve also been on the phone with the vet this morning to check all options. At this time we can just try and keep her comfortable and happy while we try to get food in her between now and her appointment.

Many thanks to all who have been checking in on Marley, we love her very much. We will keep you posted on how things are going. Hugs to our 219 followers here on our website and the 7 Patreon Supporters.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your treatment at the hands of WordPress.
    Give Marley a cuddle from me and sending healing thoughts her way.

    1. thanks very much sheree. the outsider headache wasn’t wordpress its someone that i used to consider family that out of the blue tried to split up my wife and i. hugs and many thanks

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