Got some new cleats for my road bike shoes

Good morning, let’s get started on what took place yesterday and give a little feedback from questions on yesterday’s 2 articles. Yesterday it was sad to post the two articles, the first explaining of the stress we had to endure and the 2nd about how our dog Marley was doing.

The first article is due to a family member trying to constantly get in the middle of our relationship, and I’ve decided to no longer ever see that family member again. As for the post about our dog, she has been laying around for days. Your comments are very much appreciated, we sit down with her and read them to her and Lilith when they come in.

Yesterday and floating through it

With all that took place on Sunday, it made yesterday very depressing. On top of yesterday being so down due to that, Marley still wasn’t seeming to get better. We made some calls to her vet and we’re trying to function day to day to get to her next appointment while we float through the stress that has been put in our laps. We wanted to ride yesterday and we wanted to workout on our Peloton however with everything taking place, breathing was just asking too much of us.

We spent the day with Marley and Lilith while we try to make different meals for Marley and watched Lilith as she is daily progressing and still chasing Marly from spot to spot. We checked out some TV Shows and Movies, we did what we could to make the day go well.

Some Good and Bad TV Shows and Movies we’ve been watching

Lately, we’ve been checking out a few TV Shows and movies, some were good and most have been really bad. We are enjoying the TV Series “The Umbrella Academy” starring Ellen Page; she is one of my favorite actresses.

At first, I couldn’t get into the show, only because of the company that was visiting us when it came out. We started it from the beginning last night and started giving it a shot and so far so good.

Speaking of another film that we watched that was good and extremely sad “22 July”.

Based on true events that took place in Norway 22nd of July 2011, this is a must-see film. The film is done very well and the story is very sad, most of all it is sad to see that someone can do something like that.

We also ran across a complete horrible waste of a time movie “See You Yesterday”.

If we were below the age of 8 and were not aware that this movie stole its concept from “Project Almanac”, it still wasn’t a good movie. Extremely weak cast, writing, directing; followed by theft totally killed this film from the start. Not recommended.

Alright, enough about film.

Adventures of Marley and Lilith

Lilith is daily becoming a very happy kitten. She has taken possession over all of Marley’s toys, Marley doesn’t care. She also tries her best to play with Marley whenever she sneaks over to her. She is eating better and better, and she is extremely playful.

Marley has been laying down 99% of the time. We’ve gotten her to take a nibble of something here and there but she hasn’t quite eaten a full bowl of food in the last 6 days. She is drinking plenty of water mixed with Pedialyte. She has been taking her medications as needed and every little bit she will give us kisses to let us know she is still here with us. She does show signs of being very perky and then moments later she lays back down in her happy spot.

We will continue to keep you all posted, thanks very much for the messages to Marley during this rough time in her life.

New Cleats Installed

New issi Look Keo Cleats | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika
New iSSi Look Keo Cleats | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika

Can you tell that I need new road cycling shoes, haha? You can see in the picture that my old cleats were worn out beyond belief. They have so worn down that the screws were heat tightened. If all goes well this morning I will go test out my new cleats, and hopefully, after things stabilize with our dog I’ll grab a new pair of cycling road shoes. My current shoes have almost 7k miles on them, not bad.

Today’s Plan

Today Annika and I are hoping to go for an adventure bike ride, probably around 50-60 miles. We have a route in mind however we just woke and we’re still assessing how Marley is doing before we start getting our bikes ready. So far 2019 has probably been the worst year for us so far.

Twitch Stream on Wednesday

Tomorrow I do plan to stream on our Twitch Channel again while I grind for some more loot boxes. Of course, the stream time will be a random thing.

You Know the Drill

Okay every, short and sweet. It’s time to finish our coffee and get the day rolling. Hugs and much love to all of our followers here on our website and the 7 Patreon supporters. We wish you an epic adventure day and we look forward to sharing another day of our lives tomorrow.

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