We made it Apache Junction on our bikes

Yesterday turned out to be an epic adventure day with so many wrenches in the wheel. We’re one step closer to our City Goal to visit every city in Arizona by bike. Let me get you filled in on everything.

What an epic bike ride

We set out on an adventure bike ride yesterday to visit the city of Apache Junction, Arizona. We totally made it there and back and the trip was awesome!

The video above is the GPS ride thanks to #RELIVE.

For some time now we have been wanted to make this bike trip, daily we had looked at Google Maps to debate how we wanted to go about it. The bike ride 57 miles there and back and Annika and I both made it together, click on either of our bold names to see the Strava details on each of our rides (Strava Links to the ride: Annika’s and Matty’s).

During our bike ride, for the first time in a while, we started going through our water pretty quick and we had to keep filling our bottles. At one point Annika went into Subway in Mesa off of Brown Road and they happily gave her a cup of ice water, many thanks to them. As we were headed more toward Apache Junction we made another stop to try and pay to fill one of our empty bottles at a Water and Ice shop. The gentleman who was working at the location offered to fill my bottle for me for 20 cent which was epic; I didn’t have any change and instead of him charging my card a customer bought it for me. I asked the man who had bought me water for his cars so that I could say thank you in this post and he handed me one. [i]PLAN Design, Joel Moreno; Many thanks to him for doing that for us!

After a nice refill of our, Annika and I continued to climb the hill all the way into Apache Junction. It was hard to tell by the map that we were going uphill the entire time while we enjoyed the epic view of the Superstition Mountains, but we were climbing all the way. When we finally made it into Apache Junction, the city was beautiful and peaceful. The traffic was calm and the roads were very nice to ride our bikes on. All the way through Mesa to Apache Junction the bike lane on Brown road was perfect, clean and smooth to ride on.

Upon arrival, we stopped at Sonic in Apache Junction to enjoy some Tator Tots, one huge ice water, and a huge iced Coke. Our server was very nice and we enjoyed our 10 minutes stop before pedaling our bikes back to Old Town Scottsdale. The scenery during the ride was beautiful, now we’re not photographers however as promised we have photos above. We did take a little bit of video on our GoPro during the ride which will be on our YouTube Channel soon. Watch for the video #19 in the playlist below.

More to come soon on another cycling adventure, now let me fill you in on Marley and Lilith.

Adventures of Marley and Lilith

Okay as for an update on our munchkins. Let’s start with Lilith (our kitten). Lilith is doing great, she is extremely happy and wired 24/7. Since the day we brought Lilith home she has continued to bounce off of the walls more and more each day.

Lilith sees her vet for the first time on Friday and the staff at her’s and Marley’s vet are looking forward to taking care of her for us. Lilith is now approximately 8 weeks and is fully litter trained, eating great and happy as can be.

Marley napping after her visit to the vet yesterday
Marley napping after her visit to the vet yesterday

Now as for Marley (our Pomeranian). Marley was to visit her vet this coming Friday for her routine fluid injections, hyperbaric therapy (oxygen therapy), arthritis shot in her hip and a checkup. We ended up having to take Marley into the vet early; yesterday after our bike ride. Today makes 7 days that Marley hasn’t eaten much, after her treatments yesterday she did eat a few pieces of canned chicken before going to sleep for the night. It was nice to see her take the chicken right away after her treatment. She is still sleeping at the moment and is very weak but looks much happier.

Today I am staying home to keep a close eye on Marley and to administer her newest medication for ulcers while also making sure she gets her antibiotics and other meds for the day. Annika picked up some canned chicken like what she had at her vet yesterday in hopes that Marley tries to eat more when she wakes.

As usual, we will keep you posted on Marley’s health as we have information, many thanks for all the messages to her. Marly perks up every time we read the comments to her.

This morning’s Twitch Stream

This morning after I get things stabilized around our house and tend to some of the work, I will get the stream going. My goal on stream today is the usual, grind for loot boxes on Overwatch in hopes to get those awesome skins, I’ve only gotten one of the skins the whole time so far. Watch for a Live notification to know when I go live on our Twitch Channel.

Today’s Plan

Today we have a ton to do around our house as we get ready for the weekend again. It’s a typical laundry day, clean the gym day, wipe down the Peloton bike after our morning workouts. Today is all about work, house choirs, tend to our munchkins, stream on our Twitch Channel, get the new YouTube video up; then relax to a movie or a TV Show while dinner and a Pillow. Yup, that’s the plan. We are working on another up and coming long distance bike ride to another city in Arizona. We’re gonna be riding our bikes to Litchfield Park next.

Special Thanks to:

  • During our bike ride, an awesome gentleman bought me an ice water and we’re thankful for awesome people like him. Check out his website [i]PLAN Design when you have the chance.
  • Many thanks to Water & Ice store off of Brown Road in Mesa.
  • Many thanks to the staff at Subway off of Brown Road and Gilbert Rd in Mesa for the ice water.
  • Many thanks to the staff at Sonic in Apache Junction for the hospitality and awesome tater tots.
  • Many thanks to the awesome people who keep the bike lanes and bike routes so nice and epic everywhere that we go.
  • Many thanks to our 7 Patreon supporters for the awesome support.
  • Many thanks to the AWESOME 220 website followers here on WordPress.com.
  • Many thanks to Bike Barn of Phoenix (Dave, Mary, Paul and the rest of the awesome staff)
Patreon Supporters | MattyAndAnnika Patreon Supporters | MattyAndAnnika

Don’t Forget

On June 1st I will start riding my bike 1000 miles for the month to help raise donations for fighting Kids’ Cancer. Please spread the word and consider supporting the cause.


You Know the drill

Alright, you know what time it is. Time to finish my coffee and to get the day going around here. Thanks so much for the continued support and being a part of our lives and adventures. Many hugs and thanks to our awesome followers here on our website and our awesome Patreon Supporters. You all mean a lot to us and we are forever thankful. We hope you have an epic adventure day today and we will be here tomorrow to fill you in on things again.

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