I’m getting ready to ride 1k miles in June for charity

Oh yes! Get ready gang, June 1st, 2019 I will begin my goal of riding 1,000 miles over the month in support of the Charity to help fight Kids’ Cancer.


Now I’ve not reached my goal this year of donations and honestly probably won’t however I do plan to keep my support page open year round. I will reach my riding goal of 1,000 miles so that’s a plus.

A quick update from Yesterday

Yesterday was a day of getting things done around our house for the week and to tend to Marley and Lilith. We got a ton of things caught up and I also did a little bit of streaming. Annika and I both got some Peloton workouts in, Annika has also gotten her workout in this morning already. I will be getting my Peloton workout in after this article is up and live.

The Adventures of Marley and Lilith

These two little munchkins are a handful and we love it. Lilith is still doing great, she is very active and most of yesterday I kept her out of her crate so she was really all over the place a lot more than usual. Today I will be doing the same with Lilith so that she gets to continue finding her way around the house, so far so good.

As for Marley, well she isn’t well at all. The treatments on Wednesday didn’t do much this time. She is still laying down in one spot with minimal movement and still isn’t eating much. We did get her to eat a few bites yesterday and she is staying hydrated, she just doesn’t act as if she wants to go on much longer and it is breaking our hearts. We’re taking her to see her vet again tomorrow since we are still taking Lilith in for her checkup and shots.

We will daily keep you all posted on these two munchkins.

The Latest Video from our YouTube Channel

We are very upset with YouTube and in the up and coming months, we plan to start self-hosting our videos. YouTube to date hasn’t responded to any support emails, they’ve continually tried to penalize us for music in videos of which we pay for the monthly service to have in them and then they never reply about them. YouTube has dropped the ball and is no longer relevant to us. Once we step up to the next level here on WordPress we will move our videos to here only and shut down our YouTube account, this will mean that we will no longer use YouTube all together afterward.

An Update from our Twitch Channel

Twitch or streaming, in general, has never been a big interest for us and still to date aren’t. We simply stream on Twitch here and there just to be doing so when we’re doing some PC Gaming on Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Zwift or RGT Cycling. Our goal isn’t to be a popular streamer, all that stuff is just a joke. We’ve been recommended to go to other platforms to be like others and continue to run to new places over and over and honestly if we leave Twitch we’re just not going to stream at all, it’s pointless. We don’t live on our parent’s couch and hope for someone to give us money to play games.

Our goal in using Twitch is to stream from time to time while talking about the things we enjoy to inspire others to go outside and live life too, that’s it. I will be streaming a little bit this morning in between looking after Marley and Lilith and work.

Today’s Plan and What is Coming Up

Today I’m going to rest my legs since I’m starting up pretty vicious tomorrow to prep for June 1st. Also in the next few days, Annika and I will do another bike ride to visit a new city in Arizona.

I am going to focus on spending some quality time with Marley and Lilith this morning after a quick workout on Peloton. During the day I will off and on stream on our Twitch channel as I work towards toward getting the skins that I want on Overwatch. Hopefully, during that time I will be able to spend some time chatting with some of our epic Patreon Supporters on our Discord Server.

Friday morning I will head out for a nice bike ride outside to get my legs warmed up for some hardcore miles in June.

Social Media Sites

When it comes to any and all social media site, we don’t have much interest in any of them. We don’t use social media sites like the rest of the world. Everything we do will be done here on our website and as time goes on we will continue to minimalize our social media use and bring everything to just right here. We use WordPress.com for our website and honestly, we’ve seen more realistic traffic and a real community here on WordPress.com than any other social network in the world. The small community of awesome bloggers that visit our site and communicate with us within this awesome community is amazing. We don’t need to or have to be on any other social media site at all other than here. Reaching out to us on Social media sites is pretty much pointless, just reach out to us here.

Special Thanks to

Many thanks to our awesome 220 followers here on WordPress.com (where our website is hosted). Also many hugs and thanks to our awesome Patreon Supporters. Without these awesome supporters, things would be much harder.

You Know the Drill

Alright gang, short and sweet. I’m gonna finish my coffee and probably have another cup before I start my Peloton workout. Thanks so much for the continued support and thanks for being a part of our lives. Have an epic adventure day and we will see you tomorrow.

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