We’re totally ready for the weekend

Here we are at the weekend, Happy Friday! We’ve got a few plans in motion for this weekend however today revolves around Lilith and Marley more than everything else.

Let’s touch base on Yesterday

The morning started like always with some coffee which leads into an indoor workout on our Peloton bike. We’re thoroughly enjoying having a Peloton bike, all of the class options make it perfect for working out and fitness in general.

Annika does her workout on Peloton while I’m working on the morning article. When she gets done I am usually done with the morning article, cleaned the house for the day; and have already prepped the coffee for the next day. This is when I start my workout depending on work schedule and what needs need to be met by Marley and Lilith. So yesterday when I went to start my morning fitness classes I had something to do for our munchkins first, then I got started really well. I ended up riding the Peloton Bike 22.6 miles over the course of 6 or 7 rides. I also did 2 weight training classes followed by some meditation. Now I haven’t had the time to get on Zwift or RGT Cycling (Road Grand Tours) yet since my bike was fixed due to I forgot to pick up my training rim while we were at Bike Barn of Phoenix. Once I have my training rim and tire here at our house I will be riding indoors on my Wahoo Kickr Snap while using Zwift and RGT Cycling (Road Grand Tours).

After an in-between various exercises during my day yesterday, I took care of some work around our home, tended to our munchkins, took care of some client needs, and even did a few streams on our Twitch Channel.

Working Out, Cycling, Hiking, and Indoor Fitness

Since the Peloton arrived we’ve been able to get some daily morning fitness in while at the same time get our bodies ready for future hiking and long distance cycling. Every day in our home is a workout and all of it is for what we’re doing in the very near future.

We have slowed down for a moment on things outdoors only because of what we’re going through with Marley’s health situation. We love to hike and cannot wait to be out there a few times a week however lately Marley’s health has been declining more and more lately. Leaving her alone in a time like this isn’t an option as we spend every second we can with her, even if it’s just to hold her so she knows she isn’t alone.

While we’re in a slower phase of outdoor activities, Annika and I are trying to do a big bike ride once or twice a week. Also during the month of June, I will be doing several bike rides outside to support the Great Cycling Challenge Charity to help fight Kids’ Cancer. Within the next few years, Annika and I will be doing a lot of bikepacking, hiking, long-distance cycling and of course some snowboarding. Everything was hoping to kick off in January of this year however with Marley’s health getting worse and some of the things that landed in our laps with family stopping in, this year has just been a huge waste of air to say it lightly.

Adventures of Marley and Lilith

Lilith goes to see her vet for the first time today, she has already started the morning out bouncing off of the walls. She loves to bite and claw anything she can, she also loves to chase her own shadow for hours on in. She is extremely loveable while at the same time quick to jump several feet in the air in the middle of being cuddled with. Lilith so far is very healthy and happy, she will get all of her shots today and we will keep you up to date on her progress and happiness. New pictures of her soon.

As for Marley. Yesterday wasn’t a fun day with her as I literally had to hold her up so that she could drink water. She did eat a nice bowl of fresh chicken and she drank a lot of water. She didn’t have the strength to walk around or stand up on her own and currently still doesn’t. She has lost her appetite completely and for the past 9 days now has eaten very minimal. She went for treatments on Wednesday however this time it didn’t change things, Marley is still staring off into space 99% of the time. We will talk to Marley’s vet today and see what other options we have, fingers crossed.

TV Shows and Movies

Over the last few days we’ve been checking out several movies and tv shows and we used to write reviews on them. Now we simply mention the ones we’re watching or have watched and give quick feedback on what we thought. A couple TV Series that we are enjoying are:

  • Happy!
  • The Umbrella Academy
  • Hanna (2019)
  • Good Girls
  • Dead to Me
  • Dark
  • Ozark
  • American Gods
  • Stranger Things

There are so many TV Shows that we really enjoy, the above are just some we binge watch at the moment. Last night I started checking out Hanna (2019), it’s a remake however it is quite fair. The original Hanna (2011) we haven’t gotten the time to watch.

As for movies, well… Good movies nowadays are a rare find. Movies and TV Shows have been popping up as fast as a fart and typically most are complete turds. Most of the film out right now or coming out are remakes, revamps, different interpretations to another film, or a complete ripoff of something that has already come out. Hundreds of thousands of movies released each year and I’d say probably 10 good movies were in the stack over the last 2 years. At this moment I cannot think of one good movie that we’ve watched over the last two days, we’ve been watching older movies since they were made better.

Our Twitch Channel and how it’s going

Yesterday I did stream a few times in between tending to Marley and Lilith and work. It was a fun day of gaming after a long morning of working out on the Peloton. We gained 9 new followers during the streams and had a blast playing Overwatch with several cool people. Today I may stream a little bit, depending on if I get to go for a bike ride outside or not.

Weekend Adventure Cycling

I had planned to try and go out today for a nice long bike ride however with Marley in the shape she is in I’m gonna stay in today till we speak to her vet. Tomorrow I will certainly be outside riding my bike and the miles will go towards the Great Cycling Challenge Charity.

Fingers crossed on the outside bike riding since it is about to get extremely hot here in Arizona, not to worry I rode in the heat most of last summer.

Today’s Plan

I may rest my muscles today, I’m not certain yet until I get fully awake and have some waffles. I am considering streaming some Overwatch this morning. This afternoon we have a lot going on with Lilith and Marley and during this morning I will be looking after Marley real close.

Special Thanks To:

For the rest of our days on our website, there will always be this section in every article. Many thanks and HUGS to our 220 followers here on our website and the 7 EPIC Patreon Supporters. You all mean a lot to us and your support will never go unnoticed. We hope you have an awesome weekend and an epic adventure day!

You Know the Drill

Time to “get er done”! Many thanks for reading today’s article and being a part of our family, more to come tomorrow. Time to enjoy this cup of coffee.


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