A much needed breather

The morning coffee and oh how I needed it. Yesterday was a day of mental rest for Annika and I and we’re doing so all weekend which includes today. Saturday was spent doing our daily routines such as work, house hold upkeep and time together with Lilith.

While doing our normal routine minus all of the working out and riding bikes, we played Overwatch. Since losing Marley I needed to wrap my mind around something to help me to get through the days, right now it’s Overwatch and “The Umbrella Academy”.

Today’s article is short and simple to say this weekend Annika and I are chilling with Lilith and doing some PC gaming, Monday we aim to go for a bike ride together. Over the next few days we will get back to riding. Yesterday after tons of game play on Overwatch during our live Stream on Twitch, I finally got the new Anniversary D.VA Academy Skin that I wanted.

D.VA Academy Skin | Overwatch | MattyAndAnnika
D.VA Academy Skin | Overwatch | MattyAndAnnika

We very much appreciate the support and we will be back tomorrow with another update, at the moment we’re still trying to wake up. Hugs everyone and have an epic adventure day.

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