A little family time and some space outside

We slept in today after a very long day and night yesterday. The morning started with coffee as do all morning s and while we began with coffee we started playing Overwatch together. Annika and I both don’t get much time to do PC gaming together due to our schedules so yesterday was the perfect day for it. We needed to do something completely off of our regular routine so we did.

We played Overwatch all of the morning and most of yesterday afternoon until we started getting ready to get together with family for dinner. Also yesterday morning we did try and get out of the house so that we could get out minds going. We visited Dave at Bike Barn of Phoenix which was awesome. We went to Fry’s Electronics to look at up and coming upgrades for our computers. We visited Arizona Mills Mall and this is where the day started to go sour.

Human beings nowadays have forgotten what personal space is. We were walking in the mall and every few minutes people were almost walking into us. The whole visit all I could think of was knocking one of those douche-bags out for not having common respect for others. I couldn’t believe how pathetic people (sheep) have become. At this point, all I could think about was “weren’t we as humans suppose to progress to be better and smarter?”, the answer to that is no, so far humans have just become less and less human and more and more cattle. It was depressing to see it and we are thankful that we don’t spend a lot of time inside malls or over crowded eye candy spots for the masses. It’s times like that, we wish were we on another planet far away from people like that.

On another subject while we were at the mall, we stopped in the animal adoption shop, within minutes we had to go; too sad to be in there. After leaving the sheep express (the mall), we had to run an errand to get some things for Lilith (our kitten). We ran over to PetSmart to pick up a portable litter box since we were planning to take Lilith to visit some family members.

With Lilith in her new backpack and a portable litter box, we headed over to family for a night of family time and dinner together. It was a fun night and Lilith was so wore out that she feel a sleep in her backpack on the way home.

Today we’re not focused like normal. I myself am a bit spaced out while I try to wake up and we’re debating on going to a movie. We both want to ride our bikes however it is getting warmer outside and at this point when I do ride for a bit it will be indoors. I think tomorrow will be better for bike riding and working out, we just need a break from our everyday so we can heal from the loss of Marley. I accidentally called Lilith Marley many times yesterday. I even called Marley to come to bed last night and then I realized it.

Whelp, it’s time to do something with today. Thanks so much for the support. Hugs and many thanks for the comments and we wish you all an epic adventure day.


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