A new journey begins

Yesterday was a very different day for us. The day started out like most with a cup of coffee though we continued to talk about our happy times with Marley as we were spending time with Lilith. The last couple of days some sort of normal in our lives have been difficult to reach so we just sort of stepped outside ourselves a moment to try and relax.

Annika and I have played some Overwatch together for hours to try and have some coping time. PC Gaming has always been a fun and relaxing time for us, we’ve been World of Warcraft players since Vanilla. We did our normal house clean up and then chatted during the morning as we looked at other dogs around the world that reminded us or looked like Marley. Not too much longer while we were looking we saw a female dog that looked like Marley when she was younger that had just had puppies. When we saw the photo of the mommy dog we started looking at old pictures of Marley and not too much longer afterward we went riding around town looking at animals, pet stores, rescues and much more. Our day was sort of random for us.

Touching Base on Yesterday

We didn’t do our normal exercises, we didn’t ride our bikes, we didn’t even eat breakfast or anything before we left our house; we simply did everything differently for the day. As we looked around Paradise Valley Mall and a few other places, we saw some pretty awesome dogs and cats; it was fun, sad, and most importantly reminded us of our happiness with Marley. This was a day that Annika and I really needed. We stopped at the store and grabbed a drink for ride as we rode all over in our car.

An hour or two later we received a text from the owner of the mommy dog that looked like Marley. The text mentioned to us how much the puppies were and a time that we could come see them if we wanted to; whelp, we drove about an hour out of the way to check them out.

To Be Continued…..

Adventure’s of our Little Munchkins (Our Furry Critters)

Photography by MattyAndAnnika
Marley is forever our happiness and in our hearts. Photography by MattyAndAnnika

I’ve decided to modify the name of this section in our daily articles to reflect the various changes from past to future. For example, Marley we will never stop talking about. Marley (our recently passed Pomeranian) was and is a huge part of our life, she brought so much happiness to us and for 9 years was our baby. Her memory will forever carry on so looking back on the fun times with her in articles in the future are very much possible.

Tried to take pictures of Lilith as she jumped all over the place | MattyAndAnnika
Tried to take pictures of Lilith as she jumped all over the place, she got her first collar.

The next little munchkin is Lilith our currently 8 week old kitten. Lilith is doing so well and is eating nice, yes she does still bounce off the walls. Lilith is a handful, extremely hyper and playful. She is very happy and more a mommies girl than anything. She follows Annika literally grabbing her feet as she chases her during her every step across the house.

Next on the list of furry critters in our lives we will leave at this time as a mystery and surprise. We have a new member of our family which popped into our life, we will give details this weekend.

The Adventures of our Little Munchkins, seems to be the best name for this section and over the time during our lives we plan to keep you all posted about each of them and their adventures with us.

Our Twitch Stream

Lately I have been streaming a lot more frequently than I had planned, however since It has been getting warmer we figured, “Why Not?”. Streaming on Twitch really hasn’t done anything but take up time and resources as it is the same it has always been. A few new people pop in for that day and once in a while someone pops in the channel to try and get viewers to their channel and well, that’s Twitch.

No matter how much time we’ve put into Twitch over the years the outcome is always the same, thankfully we don’t expect anything from it. When it comes to Twitch we will not ever have a regular schedule, we will only randomly pop on and off until one day we’re just either there all the time or not at all. We have un-followed everyone on Twitch that hasn’t been to our channel over the last couple of months and we will not follow anyone else on Twitch. So to answer the question, “when will we stream next?, the answer is when and if we click the go live button.”

Today’s Adventure and/or Plan

Today I am aiming to do things a bit differently and at a slower pace so that I can get my head clearer to get life’s journey on it’s path again. A couple bike rides back when I rode with Jeff, we thought that I started having little strokes. My heart, arm, and neck was doing some really strange things and at one point I almost crashed my bike due to the feeling of my entire body shutting off. On that day Jeff and I were a bit concerned as to if I were gonna exist any longer on Earth. Since that day my health has been on a roller coaster, also with Marley’s health doing so badly it was and is still killing me inside. Daily I get sick now. After almost every meal I get sick, swallowing and breathing is getting more and more difficult, I am now fighting migraines that seem to not ever end. It’s as if my brain isn’t getting enough oxygen and I do seem to be slowing down. Annika set up a new appointment for the doctor to look me over and to get my esophagus stretched again very soon to help.

Now with my health problems going into high gear as well, I’m not gonna let it stop me from enjoying life with Annika, our critters, and our bikes; I just need to take it easy for a moment. Today I have taken some medications to help with things and I am planning to get in a little bit of indoor bike riding on the Peloton as well as RGT Cycling (Road Grand Tours). I may get on Zwift however I think I want to put a little more effort into testing out the latest update from RGT Cycling.

My goal today with exercise and indoor cycling isn’t to ride a lot of miles, it’s just to get started; maybe get in 20-40 miles indoors this morning and work my way up. Aside from riding I have a plan to make some modifications in our home today to keep Lilith from being able to get into spots such as cabinets as she gets older for better safe guarding her well being. I do plan on doing a little bit of PC Gaming and hopefully checking out some new movies later tonight with Annika. We have been enjoying a couple of TV Shows we like.

Currently we are watching several TV Shows as we have the time and are aiming to check out a few new movies soon; we just have a lot going on at the moment. Oh also I wanted to point out or Spotlight a few friends who are riding their bikes across the country.

Important Mentions:

Jason’s Gear before he left for his Trans American 2019 Bike Ride.

Over the last few weeks and over the up and coming couple of months we have friends that are in the process of and soon to be crossing the country by way of riding bikes. Our friend Jason which has his website “It’s Just Pepper Baby“, has been riding across America on his on now since the beginning of May 2019. He is now in Missouri and is doing very well, check out his website for information on his travels.

Adventure Bike ride with my friend John, Thats John in the picture | MattyAndAnnika
Adventure Bike ride with my friend John, Thats John in the picture | MattyAndAnnika

Our other friend John is heading out to cross the country with some friends, you can check out his website “John’s Cross Country Blog” to keep up with his travels. John is a great friend in which we’ve mention several times in our articles when he comes out here to Scottsdale to visit and ride with us.

Special Thanks To:

Huge thanks and much loves go out to following for being so amazing and supportive.

  • Our amazing 226 followers here on our website, you all are amazing and we’re thankful that you’re here.
  • Our 7 epic Patreon supporters, without you all things we do would be much harder.
  • Bike Barn of Phoenix, Dave, Mary, Paul and the rest of the staff. Without these guys and gal, we wouldn’t be riding bikes.
  • Our families and friends around the globe for all of the support.
  • Our awesome Neighbors within our condos that have been checking on us since we lost Marley.

The epic peeps above are amazing and we thank them all the time. Hugs guys and gals and we wish you all an amazing adventure day and a great weekend.

You Know the drill

Alright, it’s that time. Hugs everyone, I’m gonna finish my coffee and get the day rolling. We hope to see you at our Twitch Channel sometime. Have a great day and we will return in the morning with more on our adventures.


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