The Munchkin Adventures has started

The lack of sleep is an understatement. I’ve got pulled muscles in my back again and the chance to relax or sleep is minimal with Pugsley learning to go outside to potty while Lilith is 100% bouncing off the walls.

Adventure’s of our Little Munchkins (Our Furry Critters)

Yesterday I spent a lot of time with Pugsley as I was teaching him to go outside and a few simple commands. The whole day he went outside to do his business and he was going to the door on his own to let me know; he did so well. Lilith loves to sit at the door and watch Pugsley, she likes to play a protective role in their friendship. These two continued to play together and sleep together throughout the day, it was so cute.

Pugsley and Lilith sleeping together | MattyAndAnnika
Pugsley and Lilith sleeping together, Lilith always wakes for a camera

The night went well with these two until it was nighty night time. Lilith went to the bedroom with Annika and Pugsley chilled with me on the couch to watch Lucifer till he passed out. Once Pugsley passed out and Lilith knew Annika passed out; he comes the crazy wired up kitten we all know and love named “Lilith”. She came running full speed bouncing all over the place from one end of the couch to the other trying to wake Pugsley and once she succeeded, it was playtime all over again. I let them play a little bit and then I had to put Lilith in her crate since she had no intentions on slowing down for the night. Once in the crate, Lilith started to sleep and Pugsley started to pass out again with me on the couch.

Pugsley sleeping | MattyAndAnnika
Pugsley sleeping | MattyAndAnnika

I was starting to fade out as my back was killing me from pulled muscles again. I could feel Pugsley start to edge his way closer to the edge of the couch as if he were sneaking off. He continued to edge closer and closer until he finally was on the edge and he stopped. I think I finally passed out cause I woke 2 hours later by our alarm clock to start this morning to find Pugsley playing with Lilith while she was in her crate and Pugsley made big poop towers all over the floor.

Lilith waking from her nap
Lilith waking from her nap

I could hardly move when I woke, literally almost screaming in pain as I started to clean up his poo-landmines as he gave me kisses as an apology. He went straight outside while I cleaned up almost crawling toward the trashcan to toss everything afterward. What a way to start the morning, crazy Lillith wide open running through the house while Mr. PoopyMonster tries to chew on my feet to say good morning; so funny however I’m so sore it is hard to smile. Annika came into the living room to help tend to the nutty munchkins and she tried to help with my back so that I could get around a little bit as we debate taking me to the hospital.

So this is day two of the wild adventures of our little munchkins and it is awesome. The two little fur balls are very playful and happy; we’re happy as well as we have been reminiscing the awesome times when Marley was here. Yesterday I took Pugsley for 3 walks around our condo complex, he met several more neighbors which were very happy to meet him. A few neighbors stopped by our place to say hi and to check on us while meeting Pugsley. We’ve had more company in the last 2 days than the entire time that we’ve lived here, our neighbors are so epic and good to us.

Pugsley posing for picture | MattyAndAnnika
Pugsley posing for picture | MattyAndAnnika

Pugsley got to walk in the grass outside for the first time. We tried to put him in his new harness however it was too big and it fell off as he walked, however, he loves to follow me everywhere so he did. We removed the harness and he walked and ran behind me anywhere that I went, he also did some running with Annika.

After our time outside it was time to kick back to dinner and a TV show which also Pugsley and I watched some of our show earlier in the day.

TV and Movie Time

Pugsley and I spent a little time watching the TV Series “Lucifer” yesterday and also during dinner we felt to keep watching it a little bit since Pugsley seems to chill during it being on. Every time that an episode would be on, Pugsley would act as if he were into what was going on. We like the TV Show “Lucifer”, it isn’t the greatest show however it is very entertaining and fun to enjoy.

We didn’t get to watch any movies as we have been getting almost no sleep lately and we were basically hardly able to function by the end of the day.

After watching some of the Lucifer TV Series we started settling down for bed, I received an e-mail from Twitch.

Our Twitch Channel and what Twitch has done to make us not want to be there.

Yesterday we received an email from Twitch, once again they added us to a new newsletter since we have been unsubscribed from all of them. The email yesterday explains to us as streamers how they want to start pushing more ads on our viewers even for those who pay to not have ads. They want to force advertisements displaying other streamers channels on our stream while we’re live to make all viewers including subscribers and prime members see them. This blew my mind as once again Twitch is going against all they have said. Twitch is going to force ads on all, and push other channels on all streaming channels; what a bunch of assholes.

Now we have given Twitch a shot over and over, and not once has anything real or good come from it. We have tried to just stream for fun, however, if they are going to force ads on people who pay to not see ads and promote other channels on our channel then fuck Twitch all together. Twitch has never been anything to us but a waste of time and resources. The only people who come to our channel are people who want to promote that they are streamers too and then ya never see those people again. So at this point, if we go live, keep in mind we do not support the ads or the streamers that the ads promote; this is simply Twitch’s way of ripping off everyone in a new way.

Today’s Adventure and/or Plan

Today’s plan is to try and get my back to stop hurting so that I can function at all. We’re taking a few days away from our Peloton, Zwift or any kind of exercise machine. We’re doing this so that it gives Pugsley a little bit of time to adjust into his new home before so many things start happening at once. In my state, I can hardly walk let alone ride a bike, Zwift, RGT Cycling, Peloton, or otherwise. We will pick up Pugsley’s crate today by taking him to PetSmart so that he can pick it out. Once he has his own crate it will make it easier for us to do our exercise without him trying to lick on our feet while we are pedaling indoors; haha. 🙂

I am planning to spend a lot of time with Lilith and Pugsley today and hopefully, my back eases up enough to do so. If it doesn’t ease up then I will go to the hospital to have them check it out to make sure all is good or not. I have all kinds of back issues due to a car accident years ago and sometimes it can be from the injury or something as simple as a pulled muscle. I am also still dealing with my esophagus issue and lately new pains in the spot where I had my surgery; also a possible muscle spasm.

We’re focusing on spending time with our little munchkins while also training them very well. Our goal is to have Pugsley be able to have a calm life around lots of people and to do well with all other animals. Yesterday he did make a few friends with neighbor dogs.

You Know the drill

Alright, it’s time for some breakfast and to get the day rocking; many thanks for being a part of our lives. So, it’s that time. Hugs everyone, I’m gonna finish my coffee and get the day rolling. Have a great day and we will return in the morning with more on our adventures.

Important Mentions:

We like to keep in mind daily that not only are we always focusing on riding our bikes long distance but also that many people we know or even do not know are out on the roads and trails traveling. So if you’re out on the road driving a car please be extra cautious and watch for cyclists who may be on the road with you day or night.

The following friends that we know are currently crossing the United States by Bike:

  • Jason Simons – It’s Just Pepper Baby
    • Current update on Jason. He has recently had to spend time in and out of hotels due to tornado’s during his bike ride across the USA and is running low on funds. If you’d like to assist him with a meal or some extra funds for his trip, his PayPal email is
  • John Schweitzer – John’s Cross Country Blog

Special Thanks To:

Huge thanks and much love go out to following for being so amazing and supportive.

  • Our amazing 226 followers here on our website, you all are amazing and we’re thankful that you’re here.
  • Our 7 epic Patreon supporters, without you all things we do would be much harder.
  • Bike Barn of Phoenix, Dave, Mary, Paul and the rest of the staff. Without these guys and gal, we wouldn’t be riding bikes.
  • Our families and friends around the globe for all of the support.
  • Our awesome Neighbors within our condos that have been checking on us since we lost Marley.

The epic peeps above are amazing and we thank them all the time. Hugs guys and gals and we wish you all an amazing adventure day and a great weekend.


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