We have a busy day today

Today has started late as Annika and I were kept up by Pugsley and Lilith like the last few days, it’s all good; this was bound to happen. We’ve got quite a busy day today so this article will be a quick one for now.

We let Pugsley and Lilith runaround all night lose in our house as they played, passed out, played, passed out; this continued throughout the night over and over. Pugsley made his dirty business outside every time and his other business was a couple of accidents inside as this morning we are doing a bit more cleaning than normal. I’m helping our complex today to get some fliers out to everyone so I have an early morning project which starts in a few minutes while Annika tends to the munchkins till I’m done. We’ve got our normal errands to run on top of doing our Costco grocery run as well. We plan on trying to go for bike rides and Peloton tomorrow. Tonight is our normal family dinner willed with, oh no; a puppy, a kitten, and Annika’s nephew and nieces; that’ll be fun.

Alright, everyone, I’ve gotta run for now. Have an epic adventure day, I’ll post again in the morning.

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