Time to enjoy the weekend with some cycling and munchkin fun

A new morning is upon us and we’re excited to see what it brings. Every day for us is an adventure whether it be outside riding our bikes, going for a long hike, traveling to see new locations or just spending time with our munchkins, family, and friends.

Recapping Yesterday

Yesterday started off well for Annika and me with a nice couple of cycling and weight training workouts on Peloton. Annike went to her office afterward while I tended to things here and took care of our clients and the munchkins. I streamed a few times playing some Overwatch. Pugsley and I cuddled to watch a show and a movie. Lilith and I cuddled for a short nap during the day. A lot took place however some are a blur due to lack of sleep, once again Pugsley kept me up all night teething.

Adventure’s of our Little Munchkins (Our Furry Critters)

Pugsley and Lilith playing in Lilith's crate
Pugsley and Lilith playing in Lilith’s crate

So many fun adventures took place with these two munchkins yesterday. First off, while I was working I noticed that Lilith and Pugsley got real quiet so I looked over where there were just at wrestling and they had vanished. I got up to walk over to where I could hear a little noise and found them playing in Lilith’s crate.



This was very funny to see. Lilith was chewing on Pugsley’s tail while Pugsley was chewing on the crate.

Pugsley on his leash
Pugsley on his leash

That was just one of the fun things with the two munchkins that happen. Another thing would be trying to walk Pugsley on his leash. He would walk a couple steps and fall over backward to play dead, I couldn’t get it on video due to how he was playing; such a funny sight.

Pugsley is teething big time right now so every other night it is hard to get any sleep. He will start crying about every 15-20 minutes cause he falls asleep chewing on his teething toy and it fell out of his mouth. Today is the last day of his de-worming injections (by mouth) and then we take him for the rest of his shots. As for Lilith, she goes to the vet today or tomorrow for another checkup, she had her shots at her last visit. Other than extremely playful, she is doing well and loves for me to feed her on the counter while I’m making it for her.



Adventure Cycling / Zwift / RGT Cycling / Peloton / Fitness

Yesterday we managed to get a bit of Peloton cycling in and Annika did some weight training as well. I think I did about 15-20 miles on climb settings. I keep the tension set on 46-50% the whole time during back to back rides on the Peloton and plan to continue turning up the tension as I build more strength for climbing.

Our Peloton
Our Peloton

We’re using the Peloton a lot more than our other workout options due to the kind of workouts we’re doing and what we’re getting from them. On the Peloton, we can get short workouts but with lots of effort. Cycling on Peloton is a lot harder than real-world cycling or virtual. When cycling on Peloton you manually adjust the tension so when we ride we set it and go until the workout is done or raise and lower during the workout based on how sore we are. Virtual riding the tension changes based on hills sort of like riding the real world. Outside riding differs from virtual riding because when going downhill outside on a bike you can simply stop pedaling and relax your legs but with virtual riding, they just haven’t gotten that part quite figured out yet.


We also get a lot of other exercises in daily indoors with our BoFlex machine and Elliptical. Once my tire is repaired which will be today, I plan to try to do some test rides on RGT Cycling and Zwift to see how our munchkins will react to it; hopefully, all will go good. Over the next couple of days, I am hoping to get back outside in the early hours to get some adventure cycling in, we’re just trying to get the munchkins used to us being gone for longer periods.

PC Gaming and our Twitch Channel

Playing some Overwatch
Playing some Overwatch

I dipped into playing some Overwatch (arcade and quick play) yesterday and streamed a large portion of it on our Twitch Channel. Playing Overwatch yesterday wasn’t so hot at first due to it being summer and the game is infested with idiots and mouthy players due to that. Yes, summer means all of the brats are out of school and that makes gaming toxic. So much more cheating and hate speech in chat it’s insane. The upside of things is several people who were cheating got called out by several players and some of them got caught on our stream. I also received a letter yesterday from Blizzard Entertainment letting me know that several persons that we had reported for cheating were removed or penalized for what they were doing.

While playing Overwatch and streaming it I was testing different toons that I wasn’t too familiar with or haven’t played often; I ended up getting Play of the Game with Ashe, woohoo.



I do plan to play more Overwatch each day and possibly most of the time when I’m playing it. At least during the summer months, however, it’ll be fun to catch a lot of cheaters in action on the game.

Movies, TV Shows, Concerts and Outings

On the Movie and TV front yesterday, it was a chill one. Throughout the night and some of the morning, while doing some TV time with Pugsley, we watched the following or some of the following.

  • Lucifer (TV Series) – we watched a couple of episodes.
  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (TV Series) – we fell asleep with this one, love this show.
  • Icarus (2017) – an epic documentary on doping in cycling.
  • Inspired to Ride (2015) – love this film on self-supported ultra-endurance cycling.

Today’s Adventure and/or Plan

Today I am working on doing some miles on my indoor setup or the peloton. I was hoping to go outside for a bit however I’m still uncertain how well Pugsley and Lilith will react. The thought to rearrange the house has come to an end, we’ve decided that it is best to just cover cables better and to continue teaching Pugsley and Lilith what not to mess with versus moving everything and starting over.

Annika is about to start her morning workout on the Peloton and right after she gets done and heads out the door I will begin mine as long as the little furry turds have chilled from their morning rambunctiousness.

I do have plans to do a bit of streaming today with some Overwatch and maybe some RGT Cycling or Zwift. It’s Friday so preparing for the weekend has a bit to do with today and we are working on more training for our munchkins.

Lilith’s plans to do today is to continue chasing her ball since she woke she has been all over the house with is. Pugsley’s goal today is to learn more about walking on his leash and to try and get through these teething stages. Both of the munchkins will see the vet this weekend.

You Know the Drill

Alright, gang, You know the drill. Time for coffee and to get the day started, we can’t thank you all enough for the support and we look forward to bringing you another day in our nutty life tomorrow. Have an epic adventure day. Also a special note, we’ve updated some of the information below and even added to it.

“You’ve reached the end of today’s story”

Important Mentions:

We like to keep in mind daily that not only are we always focusing on riding our bikes long distance but also that many people we know or even do not know are out on the roads and trails traveling. So if you’re out on the road driving a car please be extra cautious and watch for cyclists who may be on the road with you day or night.


We are working on a project called #AZBIKEANDHIKE. Currently, we have a Strava Club set up for #AZBIKENHIKE‘s Cycling and Hiking. We’re working on the website as we plan it to be a community for the people in Arizona that love to ride bikes and hike. Our goal is to also share great places to get gear, trails to ride or hike, and just awesome fun places to enjoy the outdoors in Arizona. More details to come as this project progresses, we can say at this time that this site will not rely or have profiles on any social media such as Twitter, Facebook, or other.

Hiking the Mormon Trail in South Mountain | Hiking | MattyAndAnnika
Hiking the Mormon Trail in South Mountain | Hiking | MattyAndAnnika

The following friends that we know are currently crossing the United States by Bike:

  • Jason Simons – It’s Just Pepper Baby
    • Current update on Jason. Jason has reached the halfway point and is currently riding his bike through Colorado. If you’d like to assist him with a meal or some extra funds for his trip, his PayPal email is Jason@itsjustpepperbaby.com
  • John Schweitzer – John’s Cross Country Blog

Special Thanks To:

Huge thanks and much love go out to following for being so amazing and supportive.

  • Our amazing 227 followers here on our website, you all are amazing and we’re thankful that you’re here.
  • Our 7 epic Patreon supporters, without you all things we do would be much harder.
  • Bike Barn of Phoenix, Dave, Mary, Paul and the rest of the staff. Without these guys and gal, we wouldn’t be riding bikes.
  • Our families and friends around the globe for all of the support.
  • Our awesome Neighbors within our condos that have been checking on us since we lost Marley.

The epic peeps above are amazing and we thank them all the time. Hugs guys and gals and we wish you all an amazing adventure day and a great weekend.

Patreon Supporters | MattyAndAnnika
Patreon Supporters | MattyAndAnnika
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