Days run together most of the time

Today’s article is short and sweet. It’s Monday and so much took place yesterday while at the same time it was a day of relaxation. With our current work schedules, Sundays and Mondays have turned into our off days. Since we got the munchkins we’ve been really busy getting them adapted to how we live and to our odd schedule so that we can get back to it. It’s been trying at times though fun all at once since we lost Marley life just hasn’t quite been the same and I know it never will.

Today we have errands to run and if all goes well I may take off for a short road bike ride tomorrow morning. Daily I try to leave the munchkins by themselves a little longer in an attempt to help them to not get anxiety when we’re away.

Yesterday I tried a cinnamon bun at Cinnabon, it almost killed cinnamon buns for me as they taste so nasty there. Okay, now it’s time to get the day started by going to get a real cinnamon bun from our grocery store; hugs everyone and thanks for the support. More in tomorrows post, we’re just waking at the moment.


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