Already a warm summer, let’s plan a century

It was a nice couple of days however this morning I’m running on fumes again as Pugsley didn’t sleep again, in turn, he kept me up all night.

Recapping the last few days

Yesterday’s post was quick and simple. Sometimes they will be that way especially on the weekends, it’s our days to sleep in a little. Well not necessarily the weekend but our weekend which is Sunday and Monday, sometimes Tuesday as well. Such odd hours and odd days, I know, keep in min dour day start at 12:30am, unlike most people. We slept in a little yesterday and headed out to visit Dave at Bike Barn, we grabbed some fresh cinnamon buns from our local grocery; and I had to go see my doctor.

Finally, I got to go over things that have been going on, I even met the office supervisor about some of my concerns there. They set up an appointment for an MRI and an MRA to check the vessels in my brain as well to see what is going on with my migraines and the signs of mini-strokes that we’re not sure what they are. They gave me a shot in my right butt cheek to help stop the migraine, oh man did that hurt. Literally, the moment the nurse touched me with the needle it felt as if I was shot in the calf muscle by an arrow and someone was playing with the arrow while it was in my muscle. It kept pulsing for about 30 minutes however the headache was gone completely until right now. They also gave me a Tetanus shot as I was due for one; what fun at the doctor huh?

The last few days have just been busy with the munchkins as they can’t seem to slow down at all. Lilith doesn’t calm down and it has been making it very difficult to train Pugsley.

Adventure’s of our Little Munchkins (Our Furry Critters)

Pugsley wants a treat
Pugsley wants a treat

Pugsley wants to listen however when teaching him indoors, Lilith loves to jump in the mix causing a ruckus. Pugsley is learning quickly however he is also seeing that Lilith does all she is told not to do so training is not going to well at the moment. The upside is Pugsley is learning what the commands are and shows signs of knowing.

He will shake hands with you, he will sit 7 out of 10 times when told. He has slowly stopped responding to the “come here” command which used to work all of the time. He listens much better when it is just him. Pugsley is still teething big time and he has also started eating half a cup more of his puppy food.

As for Lilith, she is very lovable when she wants to be. She is very high strung for the largest part of a day and doesn’t listen much at all. The moment she is told “no” it gets added to her list of daily things to do first when the new day starts. It’s sort of like the terrible two’s at the moment with her. Every day is still very fun with her however it can be very trying to say it lightly; she is very spoiled too. Lilith has also started eating more of her food while she is still very petite and cuddly.

Adventure Cycling / Zwift / RGT Cycling / Peloton / Fitness


In the last two days, we took off from working out. I did go test ride a new bike at Bike Barn, it was fun but haven’t much interest in a new bike at the moment. I’ve been focused more on my current road bike (Icarus). I love my road bike, we’ve been considering instead of a new road bike when the time comes; modify the one I have. The only concern with modifying is my bike doesn’t have disc brakes and I do want that installed. If disc brakes can be installed then yup, we will be modifying my current bike. If not then a new bike it will be.

My interest is to have an upgraded version of my drivetrain. I love my crank size however I’d love a few more teeth if there is bigger than a 53/36. I do know that I want SRAM Red, maybe I should just step up to a 12 speed or can my current bike just be moded for it; it seems doable. With a lot of the changes I currently want, it is probably best to just get a new road bike in a year or two; no matter the choice I will keep Icarus.

Other than thinking about new road bikes, we’ve been looking into getting a Surly Big Easy for hauling on a project we’re looking into doing later. We love bikes, can ya tell? We’ve also been looking into an organizing option for our bike room so that we can wall mount them and turn the room into more or a bike workstation on top of it bein ga gym/bike room. Several trips to Lowes we’ve made looking into some of the Gladiator product options.

Now aside from that, we will be back on our Peloton workouts tomorrow for sure, I may get on the Peloton this morning. I wanted to jump right onto RGT Cycling however I saw another bug in their app which makes me 7 feet tall; I’ve reported the issue in hopes to fix before I ride and have bogus stats. As for Zwift, I will be getting on Zwift a few times a week starting in July. We’re working with our munchkins to get them relaxed around the indoor equipment. Also in July, I am going to ride a few centuries (100-mile rides). One of them will be towards a Trek bike challenge on Strava. My plan is to get started riding more and more so when the fall hits our animals will be used to me being out on the road for longer times. Okay so enough on this topic for today however I do have some updates on my plan to cross Arizona by bike below. Let me get the other topics covered first.

PC Gaming and our Twitch Channel

Annika and I did get to do a little PC Gaming the other day, she almost got the medic skin she wants. It’s been harder and harder to find halfway good gamers or even good people to play with since summer started. Overwatch at the moment is officially a chat room for out of school kids to call each other names and bad mouth everything and everyone. It’s like daycare for douchebags to say it lightly. There is more bickering in chat than gaming going on, they should completely ban those types of people from gaming as a whole.

A few games over the last few days and that was all we could deal with. I’m glad we didn’t stream it, and honestly streaming is more and more pointless as each day happens. No matter how much we’ve tried to use Twitch as a realistic resource the more we’re reminded that if we reach anyone on that platform the chances of the ones we reach being even halfway good people are extremely low. We may still from time to time turn on the stream during gameplay, we’re just not wasting real time and efforts to make it work any longer. We love to game when we can and doing so on Twitch is just sad.

Movies, TV Shows, Concerts and Outings

Over the last few days, Annika and I did get to check out some of the new season of Black Mirror.

We’re fans of “Black Mirror” and so far this season isn’t holding our attention as much as the last four. We are hopeful that it will pick up, it took the first episode of season 5 till almost the end to kick in.

Annika got the time to check out another movie that I like while I was resting. “I, Origins (2014)“, this is an awesome movie which I highly suggest checking out.

We also checked out a little bit of “Paul (2011)” only due to us being fans of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost films.

It was a nice mix of TV and Movies over the last few days, a couple of old films and a couple of new. We enjoyed lunch at YC’s Mongolian near Roadhouse Cinemas of Scottsdale; we love that place. When we arrived for lunch no one was in line at all, when we started loading our bowls we were being pushed by the crowd of rude sheep behind us which made it very difficult for me to want to go back for lunch again. What has become of humanity? Well, onward to better things. Let’s go over today’s plan.

Today’s Adventure and/or Plan

I had a plan for today which was to take off out the door on my bike for a quick 40-50 miles in the early hours however with no sleep and falling asleep while typing that makes that plan pretty much, shot out of the water. So the most realistic plan today is to hope to get a nap so that I can make it through the day and hope that I get some rest enough to try and do this plan tomorrow. The morning has already started out with Lilith out of control nuts and Pugsley pouting every few minutes due to his teeth and him not sleeping either.

Now the little munchkins have passed out, and I’m hoping to catch a few Z’s before they wake again. Once I’m rested a little I will look into doing some working out and also get the day rolling’ I’m way too exhausted to try and attempt doing much at the moment. It’s taken me 2.5 hours to get this far in this article. Oh, one thing I did forget to mention about Pugsley.

The vet called us about Pugsley’s results from his stool sample. He does have some issues with some foods, we will be hearing from his vet sometime today to go over a good plan for him. We will keep you all in the loop with any updates. Now on to the updates on the cycling across Arizona plan.

Crossing the State of Arizona by Bike (updates)


I’ve got a few updates on this up and coming project. A cyclist friend of Jeff and mine had reached out to me on Strava about the route I was planning and he offered up a better route to avoid riding on the interstate. The route is a little short and goes from Parker to Virden versus Blythe to Rodeo; either work for me as both routes cross the entire state from west to east or east to west. I am looking over the route on Google Maps to set up some full directions for export and once I have figured it out I will update the map on the Planning Page.

You Know the Drill

Alright, gang, You know the drill. Time for coffee and to get the day started, we can’t thank you all enough for the support and we look forward to bringing you another day in our nutty life tomorrow. Have an epic adventure day. Also a special note, we’ve updated some of the information below and even added to it.

“You’ve reached the end of today’s story”

Important Mentions:

We like to keep in mind daily that not only are we always focusing on riding our bikes long distance but also that many people we know or even do not know are out on the roads and trails traveling. So if you’re out on the road driving a car please be extra cautious and watch for cyclists who may be on the road with you day or night.


We are working on a project called #AZBIKEANDHIKE. Currently, we have a Strava Club set up for #AZBIKENHIKE‘s Cycling and Hiking. We’re working on the website as we plan it to be a community for the people in Arizona that love to ride bikes and hike. Our goal is to also share great places to get gear, trails to ride or hike, and just awesome fun places to enjoy the outdoors in Arizona. More details to come as this project progresses, we can say at this time that this site will not rely or have profiles on any social media such as Twitter, Facebook, or other.

The following friends that we know are currently crossing the United States by Bike:

  • Jason Simons – It’s Just Pepper Baby
    • Current update on Jason. Jason has reached the halfway point and is currently riding his bike through Colorado. If you’d like to assist him with a meal or some extra funds for his trip, his PayPal email is
  • John Schweitzer – John’s Cross Country Blog

Special Thanks To:

Huge thanks and much love go out to following for being so amazing and supportive.

  • Our amazing 227 followers here on our website, you all are amazing and we’re thankful that you’re here.
  • Our 7 epic Patreon supporters, without you all things we do would be much harder.
  • Bike Barn of Phoenix, Dave, Mary, Paul and the rest of the staff. Without these guys and gal, we wouldn’t be riding bikes.
  • Our families and friends around the globe for all of the support.
  • Our awesome Neighbors within our condos that have been checking on us since we lost Marley.

The epic peeps above are amazing and we thank them all the time. Hugs guys and gals and we wish you all an amazing adventure day and a great weekend.

Patreon Supporters | MattyAndAnnika
Patreon Supporters | MattyAndAnnika

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