Century Sundays

Okay before I get started on the title “Century Sundays“, let me go over yesterday and a few changes in our article layout. We’ve changed up the heading titles a bit to make them shorter and less wordy, each day we try to cover a wide variety of things that take place in our lives so having them in sections makes it much easier on us and simpler for those reading to be able to only focus on the sections that have interest in.


As for the title “Century Sundays“, that is the goal starting this coming Sunday. Ride 100 miles each Sunday while Annika sleeps in and cuddles with the munchkins while I’m out on the road with my bike. This will allow me a nice long time on my road bike to get a fun ride in before it gets too hot and it will allow a nice time so that Annika may sleep in a bit since it is her day off.

Now let’s get started on how the day went yesterday.

Recapping Yesterday

Good morning, here I am after yet another sleepless night however this time it isn’t due to Pugsley teething; I may have a stomach bug. Yesterday started out with almost no sleep however after I decided to take a nap, the munchkins decided to chill so that I could sleep. After a couple hours of sleep, I was able to function and to get some of the things done for the day.

The day consisted of training and playing with the munchkins, organizing the house and going over some work projects; and a little bit of gaming on our Twitch channel. When Annika made it home we were so tired that other than dinner and me feeling sick that we headed to bed early.

Pugsley and I turned on a movie to try and go to sleep and then I spent my night back and forth getting sick; what a night. I ended up getting to bed around 11:15pm to wake at 1am. Today has already started out a bit rough as my stomach is killing, so much that I skipped dinner last night and am nervous to eat much right now.

The Adventure’s of Pugsley and Lilith

As for the munchkins, their yesterday was spent playing. The two of them did much better yesterday and Lilith wasn’t so much of a handful. Pugsley is trying to understand playing and get very aggressive; he loves to wrestle with me. Pugsley gets his shots this weekend and he will soon be learning to hike with us.

As for Lilith, she is still a handful even though yesterday was a bit better; she certainly looks for something to get into all day. This morning she has already started out rambunxious though still very loving. I cannot wait till she stabilizes a bit more so that we can work with her on leash training.

Cycling, Hiking, Running, and Fitness

Stunning Visual | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika
Stunning Visual | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika

Yesterday we didn’t get any workouts in though this morning Annika is already right back on it with Peloton. She has completed her morning cycling and by the time this article is live, she will have finished her strength training exercises too. I do hope to get on the Peloton this morning however it depends on how my stomach is doing. It’s probably best if I don’t try and worry about it so I can kick this stomach bug to the curb.

24 Hour Stream Stats | MattyAndAnnika
150 miles on Zwift | 24 Hour Stream Stats | MattyAndAnnika

On the cycling front, I have decided that Sunday’s will be the day for me to ride 100 miles; hopefully every week. Fingers crossed! Sunday is a good day for this as it allows me time to leave the house and not to worry about the munchkins since Annika will be there with them till I return. All of the centuries on Sundays will be done outside unless the weather is horrible. I do hope to get a few rides in a week outside while at the same time be riding indoors on Zwift and Peloton. I really look forward to being able to ride long distances again in the near future, there is just too much in my way right now.

Tom's Thumb Trailhead | Scottsdale McDowell Sonorah Preserve | Hiking | MattyAndAnnika
Our hiking buddy that we met on the trail, if you look very carefully you’ll see him way up there.

On the hiking front, we are looking to be back to hiking at least one day a week very soon. The upside to hiking is that Pugsley can go with us so it is something that we can do without so many things in the way, he has just got to get better walking on a leash.

As for other fitness such as running and power walking, we are looking into this and before the 30th I do plan to do at least 3-4 miles to get my legs going. I hope to be hiking, running, power walking, cycling, and weight training on a continuous routine each week soon.

Entertainment and Out on the town

This section took a moment to figure out the best title for the heading. This section covers everything from gaming, movies, music, tv shows, concerts, pretty much all the things we enjoy that are not cycling, hiking, or fitness related.

  • In Gaming – There wasn’t a lot of gaming or TV time yesterday however I did manage to stream a few minutes on our Twitch Channel and then I turned it off to enjoy gaming by itself. A few matches were played on Arcade thought my brain was so tired it was pointless to keep going.
  • In Movies – Pugsley and I decided that it was much easier to put in a movie that wouldn’t need much brain power and that if we fell asleep (which was the goal), it wouldn’t matter. So we watched “Dumb and Dumber to (2014)”, and yes I was cracking up at some of it. This movie isn’t the greatest however it’s got a lot of entertaining funny values.
  • In TV – Annika and I got to check out Season 5 episode 3 of Black Mirror yesterday and Pugsley and I enjoyed a couple of episodes of “Lucifer” while napping.

Today’s Adventure and/or Plan

Once again after a day with no sleep, I plan to get a little nap sometime today. If my belly gets to feeling better then I hope to be able to get on the Peloton though it’s very unlikely given how I am feeling at the moment. Today may be a good time to just get a bit of solid rest and to try and get rid of this stomach bug or whatever it is so that we can enjoy the weekend.

I do have several things to work on today and we have a ton of things to do over the weekend. It may be a light weekend to sort of get our bearings back since it’s been so demanding all week.

You Know the Drill

Alright, gang, You know the drill. Time for coffee and to get the day started, we can’t thank you all enough for the support and we look forward to bringing you another day in our nutty life tomorrow. Have an epic adventure day. Also a special note, we’ve updated some of the information below and even added to it.

“You’ve reached the end of today’s story”

Important Mentions:

We like to keep in mind daily that not only are we always focusing on riding our bikes long distance but also that many people we know or even do not know are out on the roads and trails traveling. So if you’re out on the road driving a car please be extra cautious and watch for cyclists who may be on the road with you day or night.


We are working on a project called #AZBIKEANDHIKE. Currently, we have a Strava Club set up for #AZBIKENHIKE‘s Cycling and Hiking. We’re working on the website as we plan it to be a community for the people in Arizona that love to ride bikes and hike. Our goal is to also share great places to get gear, trails to ride or hike, and just awesome fun places to enjoy the outdoors in Arizona. More details to come as this project progresses, we can say at this time that this site will not rely or have profiles on any social media such as Twitter, Facebook, or other.

The following friends that we know are currently crossing the United States by Bike:

Special Thanks To:

Huge thanks and much love go out to following for being so amazing and supportive.

  • Our amazing 228 followers here on our website, you all are amazing and we’re thankful that you’re here.
  • Our 7 epic Patreon supporters, without you all things we do would be much harder.
  • Bike Barn of Phoenix, Dave, Mary, Paul and the rest of the staff. Without these guys and gal, we wouldn’t be riding bikes.
  • Our families and friends around the globe for all of the support.
  • Our awesome Neighbors within our condos that have been checking on us since we lost Marley.

The epic peeps above are amazing and we thank them all the time. Hugs guys and gals and we wish you all an amazing adventure day and a great weekend.

Patreon Supporters | MattyAndAnnika
Patreon Supporters | MattyAndAnnika
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