Happy Saturday, I’m going for a bike ride

I’m trying to get myself back on track with continuous riding long distances, this has been a challenge with so much interference. Use to be I’d go out with the bike shop on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and on top of riding with the shop, I’d also do a bike ride before or after each ride. This morning I’m heading out for a ride on my road bike. This will be a nice warmup to prepare for the Century Sunday. My goal is to simply enjoy riding my bike outside today. It’ll be nice to ride at least 20 miles and hopefully, 30-50 miles depends on how I’m feeling once I get started. I’ve still got a stomach bug so today and tomorrow are gonna be a bit rough but there’s no turning back now.

Saturday’s we used to do Fountain Hills, that doesn’t sound like a bad route for the day however I like climbing those hills every chance I get. Maybe I will just wonder to a new city just for fun. Today’s article is a bit short however I think that Saturdays and Sundays posts will be shorter than the ones during the week so that I can get more time on the bike. Fingers crossed, I’ll fill you all in on how the weekend went on Monday. Have a great day and an epic adventure, thanks for the support.

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