It was an awesome 70-mile bike ride

Yesterday morning was epic! Although I didn’t quite reach 100 miles, the adventure outside on my bike was awesome.

Recapping the Century Sunday Bike Ride

If you’re familiar with how far I used to be able to ride and what happened that made me basically have to restart then you’re aware of me blowing out my leg last year from riding way too much without rest. Basically, I rode my bike more than normally should without breaks and my cleat on one leg was turned putting me in an odd position which in turn made one leg work harder than the other for a few thousand miles; that’s a bad thing. I ended up having to have my doctor look at it and I was told to slow down, while at the same time I through my shoulder out of place due to working out too much which to date hasn’t fully healed.

After allowing my leg to heal and then getting bombarded with all the headaches from our son’s visit on top of a year of treatments for Marley. Things just kept happening forcing riding to be minimal. So now that we’re up to now.

Yesterday was the first Century Sunday and my goal was to ride 100 miles. To start with I only got 2 hours of sleep the night before this ride which made things already rough, however, I still headed out the door for some fun bike riding. There was no plan or route, simply get on the bike and ride. When I reached Fountain Hills and was at the top of it at 3:30am, it was an epic feeling. I was the first cyclist up the hill that morning and until I had made it all the way down the bottom and back to 124th, I didn’t see one cyclist. As I was almost to Shea I saw the first two cyclists, both female and they said, “did you already go up?”; I said yup and it was awesome. I wished the two cyclists an epic ride and headed on down the road. From that part of my ride, I didn’t see another cyclist until I got into Tempe.

century sunday

I started having issues on the ride with my saddle at about 25 miles, I absolutely hate my Specialized Power Arc Expert; it’s the worst investment ever. This saddle starts to hurt my rear and legs on short rides it doesn’t hold up to long rides. When I reach the 50-mile point of my Century Sunday I was having a blast and trying to forget about my saddle. At the 55 mile point, my leg almost stopped working. I could hear the miss in each cycle of the pedal where my right leg stopped pulling after a push leaving the left leg to do it all. It was official that my right leg was done for.

I continued to ride my bike at a slower pace as I overworked my left leg to keep going. Either way, I was gonna fight this ride to the end and continue having an awesome bike ride. At 68 miles I decided that maybe I should pull over for a few minutes which was the first break of the entire ride. I called Annika to ask her to meet me for a snack at Sonic. When I pulled into Sonic the manager greeted me as usual and I waited on Annika until I ordered. Pugsley was in her arms when she arrived and we all had some tater tots, water, and a coke. We discussed that I shouldn’t overdo it given what I had done in the past and I decided I’d try after a snack to continue and I did. After a quick 10 minutes, I got on my road bike and pedaled off very slowly. The ability to use my right leg was gone and I was already limping at Sonic. I could hardly go 10 mph on the flat road, it was time to stop.

I didn’t quite make it to 100 miles in this first of many to come Century Sundays however I had a blast trying and I will make it next time. It didn’t help matters that I have been getting 1-3 hours of sleep each day for the last several weeks. I’ll continue to rework my right leg to get it back to full again, so during the weeks I will be riding Peloton, Zwift, and even riding outsides to get it worked back into shape. It was an awesome bike ride from darkness to daylight, here is the YouTube video from the ride.

Recapping Yesterday After the Bike Ride

Yesterday was a family day for us and after my bike ride, Annika and I relaxed with our little munchkins for a bit to enjoy the morning before going out.

We took a short nap while the munchkins slept a bit too. After we all woke, Annika and I packed up Pugsley to go to family dinner. We loaded the Cooper and headed down the road, Pugsley just relaxed and enjoyed the ride in the car. Arriving at our destination, I took Pugsley directly outside to show him the yard as Annika setup a pee pad and a spot for his food and water. Everyone was happy to see Pugsley and he was happy to be there. We sat by the pool as Pugsley kept trying to get on one of the floats. He finally climbed onto the float to try and drink the water from the pool. After many times of pulling him off of the float and moving him from the pool, he continued to go back. I finally put him in the water on the first step as I held him from underneath to see how he felt about swimming, he loved it!

Pugsley in the water was a natural thing for him, he wanted to swim off on his own off of the first step however none of us had on swim trunks so we kept him within reach. We decided that next visit we would all swim with him so he could get good at it.

Once we had gone inside the kids started playing with Pugsley before dinner until he was worn out. e sat down for dinner and Pugsley chilled on his pillow to wait for us to come back to play with him. Dinner was amazing as always and it was awesome to spend time with the family, it was an awesome night. In short, we made it home late and we needed sleep. The concluded our adventure for the day, and it was awesome.

Today’s Adventure and/or Plan

For today, it is a normal day for us. We’ve got errands to run to restock the cabinets and fridge. Annika ordered a new litter box for Lilith which it a top entry to help keep Pugsley out and give her more privacy. She also ordered a climbing tree for Lilith to have a play spot, these items will be here sometime within the next 2 weeks.

Annika and I are chilling today, maybe a bit of working out on the Peloton after we do all of our errands. I know she wants to play some Overwatch and we may kick back to a movie or a TV show tonight.

You Know the Drill

Alright, gang, You know the drill. Time for coffee and to get the day started, we can’t thank you all enough for the support and we look forward to bringing you another day in our nutty life tomorrow. Have an epic adventure day. Also a special note, we’ve updated some of the information below and even added to it.

“You’ve reached the end of today’s story”

Important Mentions:

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  1. It sounds like the saddle may be too wide or you’re sitting too far back on it. That’s a snub-nosed saddle, meaning it should be offset from where a normal saddle should go. I think that offset is 2.5mm if memory serves.

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