Getting a full nights rest is becoming very rare

Well to start off this morning I hoped to be saying that I’d be meeting my buddy Jeff to go for a bike ride however once again I was kept awake all night by Pugsley teething. Four hours of sleep in a day has been extremely rare this year with everything that we’ve gone through however now with Pugsley teething 2 hours of sleep each day is about average and honestly, I think this is where the migraines are coming from. I know for certain the last two weeks that I’ve slept less than 10 hours during the entire time. My head is currently throbbing so badly as I got to sleep at 12:25am and it’s now 1:22 am and I’ve been awake now for about 30 minutes trying to write this article with all of the pounding going on. It seems that Pugsley’s teething takes place when it’s time to sleep cause he certainly sleeps very well when I’m awake.

I just got an email from WordPress to let me know that the glitch from yesterday has been fixed, so I got some good news to start the day. I cancelled my bike ride with Jeff for the day and I hope that I can get a little sleep before tomorrow morning’s 60-mile ride and then Sunday’s 100-mile rides. Riding on two hours of sleep last Sunday almost put me down for a while.

I hope everyone had a safe 4th of July, I know that once it hit dark outside I could hear the sirens going off which is rare to hear around here. Isn’t it funny how every Holiday revolves around the celebrations of death? Whelp the upside is Annika and I had an awesome dinner last night as we enjoyed a few episodes of Stranger Things Season 3.

Okay, gang, I’ve got to cut this short as I don’t have the mental capacity to keep functioning any longer right now, I really badly need some sleep. Hugs and many thanks for the support, more of an update tomorrow.


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  1. This made me laugh. You hear of folks being kept awake because their baby is teething, didn’t realise it applied to puppies too.

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