59.4 miles on Saturday with Jeff, now let’s ride 100 miles today

What an epic Saturday bike ride yesterday with Jeff! We rode our bikes from Scottsdale through Arcadia and Glendale all the way past the Cardinals Stadium and into Litchfield Park.

Recapping the “Cycling Saturday’s” bike ride with Jeff

On the way to Litchfield Park, Arizona I did get a flat tire; actually a bunch of holes in my tire. Glass ripped through my new tires and thankfully the sealant inside of my tubes filled the holes as fast as they were cut and punctured. Several times during the ride I made it a point to hand pump my tire a little bit more as we continued to go forward. We were only 15 miles into our journey when we could hear the holes pouring air from my back tire.

The bike ride was awesome however very draining. On the way back Jeff started having some problems with his hamstrings as they would over and over try to lock up on him; he was in pain so we would stop here and there as he debated on each stop if he could go further. Jeff is a true trooper as he made it all the there and back only missing the last 6 miles due to having to stop for the day. We had so much fun together!


On the way back from Litchfield Park, Jeff and I stopped into Bike Barn of Phoenix to have my tire patched up and aired; Dave and Mary took great care of us. They weren’t even open yet and when they saw us pull up they came to open the door saying “It is too hot for you guys to be waiting”. Bike Barn is my number one bike shop on the planet, team Dave for the win. My tire was shredded and Dave did some patching for me and installed my last new tube as he sent me on my way with a nice patch job to get me home. If I’m careful I can use these tires today too in which I do plan on doing so.

We were out a lot longer than I had planned on and we hadn’t left the munchkins at home that long by themselves before.

The Adventure’s of Pugsley and Lilith

I expected a huge mess when I got home, and yes I deserved it and had no reason to be upset with Pugsley and Lilith for it. Before I left I made sure they both had plenty of munchies, water, and a pee pad was out for Pugsley. We walked Pugsley before we left and both were going to sleep.

When I made it back home from the bike ride, I didn’t hear any ruckus, Pugsley was at the door greeting me right away. All I could think of was, “how bad of a mess did they make?”. I set my bike against the outside of our condo and didn’t bother coming inside the place yet; I immediately let Pugsley come on outside with me then and he did. He roamed around in the grass very relaxed, he peed once and wanted to go inside. Oddy he wasn’t amped up or super excited, he didn’t act as if they had done anything wrong, and he didn’t have to do a number 2.

I pulled my bike into the bike room and was very skeptical of looking in the living room. Lilith came running up to me very happy and I picked her up giving her a hug as I looked around the house. To my surprise, they didn’t make a mess at all. No pee or poop on the floor, no litter box wars, no chewed up furniture or cables; this seemed awesome and weird all at one time. These two little troopers were very good, they did play, they did have their toys all over the place; they simply looked after the house and had fun without destruction; we’re so proud of them.

Cycling, Hiking, Running, and Fitness

So much takes place after a bike ride or a ride on the Peloton that takes a lot of work and time. After finding out the munchkins didn’t make a mess and given them their rewards, it was time to get things in order after the bike ride so that I can ride again today.

First things first!

Get out of the cycling clothes and put them into some cold water to soak, this is very important to take care of jerseys, shorts, bibs, kits. While my cycling clothes are soaking, shower time while rushing so that Pugsley doesn’t have a fit not knowing where I am. Once I’m in fresh clothing and out of the shower, it’s time to go through all of my bike lights, solar panels, cameras, and all other items that go on the road with me to make sure all are hooked into the chargers so that they are ready for the next ride. While everything is charging it’s when I dump the GoPro drive onto the cloud while charging the camera so it is ready to go again.

Entertainment and Out on the town

Once everything had been taken care of and prepped for this mornings bike ride it was time to make sure the house was ready and decide dinner for the night with Annika. Our plan was pizza, a few more episodes of “Stranger Things” season 3; and of course time chilling with our munchkins, Pugsley and Lilith while remembering times with Marley.

Today’s plan is Century Sunday #2

This morning bright and early, I will be pedaling my bike in hopes to reach 100 miles for the day. 3am is when I am leaving out and at this time I do not know which direction I’m going. I’ve got to get my bike packed up and check the air in the tires and it’s off into the darkness to enjoy the outside air and some pedal time. I will get some photos while I’m out and also a bit of video for our YouTube Channel. Annika is sleeping in today and spending some time with Pugsley and Lilith.

When I return from the 100-mile bike ride the rest of the day is time to spend with Annika and our munchkins. Sundays are a day to relax as it’s our first day off and I will be coming in from the bike ride to enjoy whatever we do from gaming, watching movies, Netflix and chill.

You Know the Drill

Alright, gang, You know the drill. Already had my coffee and I’m out the door by 3am, we can’t thank you all enough for the support and we look forward to bringing you another day in our nutty life tomorrow. Have an epic adventure day. Also a special note, we’ve updated some of the information below and even added to it.

“You’ve reached the end of today’s story”

Important Mentions:

We like to keep in mind daily that not only are we always focusing on riding our bikes long distance but also that many people we know or even do not know are out on the roads and trails traveling. So if you’re out on the road driving a car please be extra cautious and watch for cyclists who may be on the road with you day or night.


We are working on a project called #AZBIKEANDHIKE. Currently, we have a Strava Club set up for #AZBIKENHIKE‘s Cycling and Hiking. We’re working on the website as we plan it to be a community for the people in Arizona that love to ride bikes and hike. Our goal is to also share great places to get gear, trails to ride or hike, and just awesome fun places to enjoy the outdoors in Arizona. More details to come as this project progresses, we can say at this time that this site will not rely or have profiles on any social media such as Twitter, Facebook, or other.

The following friends that we know are currently crossing the United States by Bike:

  • Jason Simons – It’s Just Pepper Baby
    • Current update on Jason. Jason has reached the halfway point and is currently riding his bike through Colorado. If you’d like to assist him with a meal or some extra funds for his trip, his PayPal email is Jason@itsjustpepperbaby.com
  • John Schweitzer – John’s Cross Country Blog
    • John and his group of cross country cyclists have started their journey and are in the snowy areas.
  • Stubbs Rambles On –  Be sure to check out Stubs and friends on their hiking and backpacking adventures.
  • View From the Back – Also be sure to check out this site as well, I love keeping up with her articles.
  • Fatsiclist – Check out another fellow cyclist and his journeys.
  • FitRecovery – BigJim is a fellow cyclist and we love checking out his blog, very helpful.

Special Thanks To:

Huge thanks and much love go out to following for being so amazing and supportive.

  • Our amazing 232 followers here on our website, you all are amazing and we’re thankful that you’re here.
  • Our 7 epic Patreon supporters, without you all things we do would be much harder.
  • Bike Barn of Phoenix, Dave, Mary, Paul and the rest of the staff. Without these guys and gal, we wouldn’t be riding bikes.
  • Our families and friends around the globe for all of the support.
  • Our awesome Neighbors within our condos that have been checking on us since we lost Marley.

The epic peeps above are amazing and we thank them all the time. Hugs guys and gals and we wish you all an amazing adventure day and a great weekend.

Patreon Supporters | MattyAndAnnika
Patreon Supporters | MattyAndAnnika

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  1. Update on this post. Century Sunday will be tomorrow and not today. My tube is pushing through the tire and it needs new tires before I ride. I’ll get the tires today and be ready to ride in the morning.

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